How to see Comet SWAN in the night sky

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Even when people on Earth remain locked, heaven is always open to observation. There is always a reason to look at the sky, perhaps now more than ever.

The latest evidence for this is the recently discovered SWAN comet, which is currently sweeping through the constellation Pisces. If you are fortunate enough to live in the Southern Hemisphere and you can find this constellation, you can see this comet.

This is a piece of dirty, very old ice and dust that, approaching the sun, will be as bright as the dim stars visible to the naked eye.

However, in photographs taken by amateur and professional astronomers, the comet has a blurry greenish-yellowish head with a thin wavy blue tail about 16 million kilometers long.

Astronomers crossed their fingers to keep the comet lighter in the coming weeks, heading north, flying 83 million kilometers from Earth on May 12 at the closest approach to our planet, and then at the Sun on May 27.

It all depends on how the comet behaves in response to solar heating when it approaches the sun in the next few weeks.


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