How to remember a dream after waking up

(ORDO NEWS) — Dreams in most cases are a reflection of what a person thinks, what he worries about and what he fears.

At the same time, in dreams it is often possible to get an answer to a question of interest, which for a long time remained unresolved.

At the same time, few people remember dreams after waking up or simply do not know how to analyze them correctly. There are simple rules that will help you remember a dream and then understand what it says.

Psychologists are fully convinced that dreams can act as an effective tool in order to increase one’s own self-knowledge. It is enough to learn how to understand them correctly, and then the chances of gaining personal happiness, wealth and avoiding a huge number of mistakes will become higher.

There are a few simple tips that you should definitely follow:

– You can start a special diary where you regularly write down dreams in detail. With the help of a well-written note or drawing, it is possible to remember much better. The diary should be next to the bed.

– It is worth remembering all the details of sleep immediately after waking up. It is advisable not to immediately open your eyes, but to scroll through some details, remember the pictures, the emotions that they caused. Psychologists note that you need to remember everything in the reverse order.

– It is worth regularly celebrating those dreams that were the most vivid and caused strong emotions. At the same time, both positive and negative emotions should be noted.

Due to this, you can get the key to the human subconscious. Be sure to write down which places or people are regularly repeated. Perhaps the dream is the same, but some important details change slightly in it.

Tips like this will help you remember dreams more easily and get the most out of them.


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