How to raise the immunity of a child

How to increase the immunity of a child? Useful tips!

(ORDO NEWS) — Adolescence is a period when parents should devote more time to their child. This is an important time in a person’s life when the restructuring of the body begins, and special attention must be paid to the mental and physical condition of a teenager.

Mental condition directly depends on the physical well-being of a person. Long-term malaise affects mood, performance, academic performance, etc. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your child’s health. During puberty, sex hormones are activated, it takes a lot of effort and energy, and the immune system begins to weaken. It is already difficult for the body to cope with the aggressive external environment – viruses and bacteria.

A teenager with reduced immunity often suffers from colds, intestinal disorders, and may develop allergies.

In order to avoid serious health problems, it is necessary to monitor the immune system and start to increase it in time. First of all, you need to pay attention to the nutrition of the teenager. Often, children want to eat completely unhealthy and healthy foods, such as chips, sausages, ketchup, mayonnaise, sweets.

The adolescent’s daily diet should include fermented milk products, eggs, meat, seafood, nuts, vegetables and fruits. The child should eat balanced and regularly. Compulsory food intake should be at least three times a day and the total calorie value should reach up to 4000 calories.

Means for raising the immunity of a child

The diet should exclude fatty foods, as this can lead to obesity.

A vitamin and mineral complex will help support the teenager’s immunity, such vitamins as A, E, C cope with the effects of a weakened immune system. Vitamin A regulates hormonal changes in the body, ensures the normal functioning of the digestive system. Vitamin E protects the teenager’s body from colds. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and increases resistance to viruses.

The weakened body of a teenager needs to consume a sufficient amount of iodine, potassium, magnesium, zinc. Eating important foods such as dried fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, rye bread will help replenish the amount of potassium.

Foods such as potatoes, walnuts, and pumpkin are rich in magnesium. Milk, parsley and mushrooms are able to provide the body with copper. And iodine is found in melon, sea fish and green peas. It is very important to take vitamin D all year round, because of the sun’s divicity, the vitamin D status decreases, as a result of which a low level of immunity is observed. For a child, dosages from 1000 to 2000 units are required.

Sprouted wheat contains selenium, and seeds are rich in zinc.

A healthy lifestyle necessarily includes daily exercise. Therefore, morning exercises, classes in sports sections are especially necessary to raise the immunity of a teenager. It is necessary to instill in the child the desire to play sports, walk in the fresh air, go out into nature.

An excellent way to fight for boosting immunity is also to expose the body to cold and warm water. It is necessary from an early age to accustom children to a contrasting soul. In addition to the fact that the contrast shower has a beneficial effect on the skin of the child’s body, increases immunity, it also has a psychotherapeutic effect.

For the normalization of immunity, it is necessary that the child has a healthy sleep. The workload at school and in higher education takes a lot of time, however, it is necessary to give the child a good sleep. To do this, it is necessary to form a daily regimen where the child would go to bed no later than 23.00. In this case, the teenager will get enough sleep and will be ready to study with renewed vigor the next day.

Compliance with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, intake of vitamins and minerals, proper sleep and exercise will help to raise the immunity of a teenager.


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