How to pull out a tick so as not to harm your health

(ORDO NEWS) — In recent years, there have been too many ticks. They are predominantly active on cloudy days and in the morning and evening when it is hot. Ticks pose a great threat, because they can carry such a dangerous disease as borreliosis.

Understanding that an infection has occurred is quite difficult. At the very beginning, the infection manifests itself with symptoms that are very similar to the most common cold.

There is a headache and weakness, the body temperature rises. If the disease is not detected in time, it can lead to quite serious complications.

There may be disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular, nervous systems. The eyes and skin are affected by infection.

After the walk, be sure to examine all parts of the body. A parasite that has had time to drink blood will resemble a mole in its appearance. Its size is like a small pea.

You can not immediately tear off the tick, because its head may remain inside the skin. This will lead to the development of an inflammatory process and a wound that will not heal for a long time.

Immediately after detecting a tick, you should seek medical help. If this is not possible, you can try to use folk methods to eliminate the bloodsucker. Before starting the procedure, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and use gloves.

The bite site, tools are disinfected. It is best to use tweezers or a special twister. The second option is best, because it will not squeeze the parasite, so the risk of infection becomes much less. There are several ways to remove a tick.

– A loop is made from the thread, thrown between the head and abdomen, and then gently pulled and twisted at the same time.

– Tweezers need to capture the parasite as close as possible to the bite site. The instrument is positioned perpendicular to the bite surface.

First, the body of the tick spins in a circle, and then slowly stretches up. It is impossible to pull the parasite so that its head does not remain in the wound.

– The twister is very easy to use. The pincer must be between the teeth, then the handle rotates around the axis.

– You can use a syringe. Cut off the needle attachment point. The cut is made as even as possible. Around the bite, the skin is wetted with water.

The syringe is pressed against the bitten place, and the piston must be pulled up. This method is ineffective, but in extreme cases it is suitable.

If the head of the tick comes off, then it must be removed. For this, a needle from a syringe is suitable. It is worth getting the remains of the parasite just like the most common splinter. After that, it is worth treating the wound and contacting specialists to check the tick for infections.


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