How to protect yourself from an energy vampire

(ORDO NEWS) — Remember how many times you said about some unpleasant person: “You drank all the blood from me!” Feelings of emptiness, boredom, apathy, headache are all signs that you have been “vampirized”.

In general, werewolves of all stripes have flocked to the cinema screens and serials lately: we are almost used to their “reality”. Mysterious creatures who drink human blood have been romanticized in the cinema for 100 years – since the time of the first “Dracula”. Thanks to famous films, everyone knows that you can only kill a vampire with a silver bullet or an aspen stake driven into the heart. Horror, of course, but this is just a fairy tale, myth, horror … In life, you are unlikely to be attacked by a bloodsucker, unless it is a mosquito. But energy vampires are quite real and far from romantic creatures. Communicating with them can seriously ruin your life.

Who are they?

We all live in a huge ocean of energy. She is everywhere: in the noise of the wind, in the light of night lights, in the frosty air, in new impressions, knowledge and, of course, in communication. But there are people who, like blind people, wander around the world, not seeing and not feeling all this beauty. Not knowing how to draw energy where others can do it. A kind of “energy bums”, we are used to calling them vampires. Those who are able to take energy only from other people. And since they are chronically in a state of energy deficit, they need a lot of this energy at once. Therefore, they pull the blanket over themselves in communication, leaving the interlocutor exhausted.

What are they like?

Vampires-disputants are often cheerful, sociable, easily converge with people, in the company they strive to be in sight, are not averse to gambling argue on any occasion. They always make sure that they have the last word. Why do they need it? The fact is that when a vampire provokes his donor into an argument or quarrel, he gets irritated, worried, loses his balance, he releases energy, which the vampire takes.

Complainant vampires, by contrast, give the impression of being gloomy and unhappy. They can whine for hours and involve others in discussing their problems (often far-fetched), with all their behavior evoking sympathy and empathy in the victim and thus shifting their negative emotions onto the donor, freeing them from them.

There are also vampire helpers. These are the ones who seem to want to do something good for you. They are quite active in offering you their help. They literally invade your life, obsessively offering services: “Do you want me to take a walk with your children?”, “Maybe you need to buy groceries?”, “Let me help finish the job.” However, at the first opportunity, such assistants will demand back in threefold the energy that they have given to you or were going to give.

Why little vampires, asking a question, usually without hearing the answer, begin to bombard you with new ones. And they also do not listen to your explanations, they just litter your brain.

Silent vampires. These, during the dialogue, as if having filled their mouth with water, are silent, as if leaving your remarks unattended. In fact, they are sort of accumulating information about you.

Sick vampires are generally quite healthy people. They are happy to discuss other people’s diseases. And they do it like gourmets: they disassemble it in detail and with taste. If the listener’s nerves are not so strong, then by the end of the conversation he feels like after a serious illness. While this vampire gasps and gasps, you give him a lot of your energy.

Telephone vampires. Remember, if the interlocutor who called you and started some long topic, suddenly interrupts the dialogue first, and does it completely unexpectedly, in the middle of the conversation, there is an “illegal withdrawal of energy”.

So what do you do? How to protect yourself from vampires ?!

Moving on to protection

The first and very effective way when facing a vampire is to immediately move aside mentally. That is, for example, the mother-in-law explains to you why you constantly do everything wrong in your life. And you listen, nod, asami mentally sit down a meter to the side. Such “snag” allows not to enter into a conflict and thus not throw out energy, not feed the vampire.

Another way to stop household vampirism is to bring the fingers of your left hand together. The left hand is connected to the right hemisphere, which is responsible for the world of feelings and emotions. Keep your fingers closed while communication is in progress. Such a gesture firmly closes the “doors” to your personal energy space. If the conversation is on the phone, move the receiver slightly away from your ear. You will immediately feel as if a stone fell from your soul.

But the main defense against any kind of vampirism is the correct adjustment of your own emotions. Analyze what feelings you have not experienced for a long time? If carnal love, then perhaps most often your man takes away your strength. Or are you guilty of this? You do not give him tenderness. And he gets it, so to speak, smuggled.

If you have forgotten about joy, look for a vampire among your friends. Perhaps they love to complain to you about life? Are they using you instead of a vest? Well, that sucks your strength and your joy of life. Best advice: respect yourself. Respect your personal space and do not allow even your friend to encroach on it.

If you don’t feel confident in yourself, pay attention to the situation at work – vampires are here. Both bosses and subordinates can be guilty. Do not let one or the other “spin” yourself on emotions. Remain calm, work is not a place for feelings and emotions.

If you haven’t felt gratitude for a long time, the energy is most likely sucked by the elderly. Parents? Mother-in-law? Old auntie? Just conduct an experiment: while communicating with them, try to evoke in your soul gratitude to them for their help, for their warmth, for the fact that they are always with you. If you have a vampire in front of you, he will be confused. The flow of his words will dry up, and then the person will change in intonation, even in the face … And by the end of the conversation, the conversation will become pleasant and positive.


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