How to prepare for the money moon on April 23

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The young moon traditionally brings with it “money magic.”

But in order to use this power, it is necessary not only to conduct certain rituals, but also to prepare for them in advance. Astrologers give their advice on how to catch cash flow.


Astrologers remind that money loves order. This means that to attract finance you need to clean your house, get rid of trash and start fresh air.

Raising cash flow

This ritual is performed on the night of April 23.

Step One : Prepare Essential Oils. According to astrologers, the smells of incense, patchouli and eucalyptus attract finance.

Step Two : Collect all the coins in the house. It doesn’t matter what face value they will be. The main thing – do not count them. Just place them on the surface (but not on the floor) and drop a little essential oil on each coin. During this, think about what you would spend the sudden wealth on – do not limit yourself to your dreams. And then just collect all the coins in any cotton cloth, wrap and put a bundle under your pillow for the night.

Step Three : Count and Spend Coins. Immediately after waking up, unfold the fabric and count how many coins and how much has been collected there. Put one coin in a secluded place in the house (a flower pot is traditionally a good place to attract money – just “put” a coin there), and spend the rest during the day. It is important to buy something, and not to hand them out or throw them away.


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