How to overcome addiction to a smartphone and social networks

(ORDO NEWS) — The psychotherapist of the online medical service SberHealth Viktor Nurdaev told what to do if you notice signs of addiction to gadgets.

If you experience anxiety and nervousness without a smartphone, this may be a sign of addiction, the expert says. He advises before picking up a smartphone or accessing a social network, ask yourself: “Why am I doing this right now?”.

This will help you understand why you need a gadget. Nurdaev noted that you should honestly reflect on the reasons why you use electronic devices, observe yourself.

The first piece of advice the therapist gave was: don’t start your day with social media and don’t end it with social media. If you still can’t stop watching social media feeds, you can at least subscribe to those pages that make you happy and unfollow people who annoy or upset you.

It is also recommended to turn off notifications on social networks to the maximum, as well as give yourself hours or even days without a smartphone at all.

If you notice that a smartphone takes up more and more of your time, and its use negatively affects the quality of life – while you are on the phone, you are in a good mood, but without it you feel depressed, it is better to seek the advice of a psychologist or psychotherapist . A specialist can help you deal with this situation.

Viktor Nurdaev
Psychotherapist of the SberHealth online medical service


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