How to make a fire without matches

(ORDO NEWS) — Fire is one of the four elements. Thanks to him, life on our planet could develop and last for centuries. He performed a protective function, scared away wild predators, and also gave warmth. He served, among other things, for cooking and to indicate his presence. Where did the fire come from? There are many hypotheses. 

One of them says that it was Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and brought it to earth. Then he taught people how to handle him, and through this we can use this benefit. From a more scientific point of view, fire is simply the effect of all sorts of physical and chemical processes that require oxygen. Today, life without fire would be very difficult and even impossible. In this article, you will find tips for starting a fire without using matches.

The first way

This is the method associated with a magnifying glass. Ordinary glass can be used for this, but the ignition process will be more complicated. This method is very simple. What do we need besides a lens? Sun and flammable material, of course. It is best to use dry straw or dry leaves for this. We hold the lens motionless, at a distance of about 5 cm from ignition. In a few moments, we should notice a light haze. This is the harbinger of fire.

Method two

This requires the use of a bow and stick. Let’s consider it in more detail:

  • Find a fairly flexible twig and make a bow out of it. Use a belt or a fairly thick tourniquet for this.
  • Then prepare a second stick, which should be sharpened on one side and rounded on the other. We will also need two boards. Each of them should have a corresponding notch for the tip of the stick.
  • Wrap the bowstring around the auger once.
  • Then lay one plank on the ground.
  • Place some dry grass and a few wood chips in the groove.
  • Insert a sharp tip into the notch and cover the other end of the stick (rounded tip) with another board with a matching hole. Now, with light pressure on the top board, rotate the stick. It is necessary to rub until the fire appears.

Third way

The last method is quite original. In this method, the potatoes will be used to light the fire. What else do we need? Half a teaspoon of toothpaste, half a teaspoon of salt, two wires (approx. 7 cm), two toothpicks and a firelighter (preferably cotton wool or dried herb). Cut the potatoes in half. In one half (from the outside of the potato) we drive in two wires at a distance of about 1 cm from each other. In the second half, gouge a recess (about one teaspoon deep). To remove it, apply toothpaste and salt. Having done this, we connect the two halves with toothpicks. Before that, let’s make sure the wires touch the paste and the salt mass. Let’s wait 5 minutes. Then we attach a piece of cotton wool to one wire. At this point, let’s bring the two wires closer together. The cotton wool should catch fire.


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