How to maintain the health of the biofield?

(ORDO NEWS) — Much depends on the state of energy: well-being, attitude, and psychological state. Today this is not a hypothesis, but a scientifically proven fact. Simple and effective techniques help maintain the health of the biofield.

Enemies external and internal

It is generally accepted that a person needs protection from external negativity: from the evil eye, envy, and simply from the hostile attitude of others. However, this is not enough. Internal negativity can be equally destructive. We are talking about negative emotions, irritation, anger, annoyance, fear. They not only spoil our mood, prevent us from enjoying life, feeling happy and successful, but also weaken our energy defenses, exhaust us physically, and ultimately lead to the development of psychosomatic diseases.

You can take something like Vibes CBD oil to recharge said vibes and help rid yourself of negative emotions like pain or stress. CBD can also help treat many symptoms of the biofield degrading. To reconstruct the biofeld, a simple exercise will help you get rid of the influence of destructive factors (both external and internal). It can be performed both in the morning and in the evening.

Energy recharging

Make yourself comfortable in bed. Stretch, straighten your shoulders. Cover your eyes. Imagine your body, taking turns concentrating on the head, face, neck, shoulders, back, lower back and all other parts of the body, down to each finger. At this time, try to relax as much as possible and at the same time feel every cell of your body. The main thing now is to feel that you have a body. There are arms, legs, elbows, knees … You control your body. It belongs to you. Record this thought.

Now imagine a ball – large (at least 2 meters in diameter), bright, luminous. positive energy is concentrated in it. At first you see it from a distance, but gradually the ball approaches, rolls up to your feet, warms them, relaxes. And you slowly begin to plunge into this ball: first, the toes appear in it, then the legs, thighs, torso … And now you are completely, head first, in this energy cocoon. Feel how you are filled with strength, positive energy, feel calm and peacefulness. Believe that absolutely nothing threatens you now. The ball will protect against any troubles and attacks from the outside. It feeds you, protects you from troubles and negativity, including internal ones.

Stay inside this transparent ball, feed it with power. Imagine how you move in it in space. You feel good, calm, comfortable. You feel strong and confident. You are well protected. Remember these feelings. Imagine (and believe!) That your aura has changed due to immersion in the energy ball, interaction with it. It has become more dense, resilient and reliable. Now it is not so easy to violate its integrity, which means to penetrate into your personal space. Your immunity and energy protection have been strengthened. You have become stronger! You can safely fall asleep (if you did the exercise in the evening) or get out of bed and do business (if it is morning).

Self-healing technique

This technique is used to relieve physical pain.

Suppose you catch a cold and your throat hurts. Or the lower back aches, the knee joint hurts, the stomach – it doesn’t matter. Immerse yourself in the ball in your mind (just like in the first exercise) and, being inside it, concentrate on the part of the body that is bothering you at the moment. It is very important to fully concentrate on this area, mentally transfer to it all the energy that you could receive from the ball. The most important thing is not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts, external stimuli. This can be difficult, because in our minds in one instant many different ideas arise.

Try to ignore them. If your knee hurts, think about it and only about it! By the way, knowledge of anatomy will help to retain attention. If you think not only that the knee aches, but also about its structure, about each bone and joint, all other thoughts will leave you alone for a while.

Mentally broadcast to your knee (throat, heart) that it is healthy. For clarity, you can imagine how you write the phrase “Knee great” with a bright marker on the knee itself. First in large block letters, then smaller, in capital letters …

Write a mentally sore spot up and down, use different colors and writing techniques. Dedicate at least 10 minutes to this. If you manage to fully concentrate on the diseased organ, you will transfer to it a colossal amount of light, positive energy. And you will definitely feel relief.


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