How to lower blood sugar: the most effective ways

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have named simple, but at the same time quite effective ways to lower blood sugar levels.

The doctors talked about how you can quickly reduce your blood sugar level and at the same time significantly improve your well-being. The methods are suitable not only for diabetics, but also for those whose blood sugar rises only occasionally.

Too high sugar levels can be harmful to your health. In the event that symptoms such as constant thirst, frequent urination, nausea occur, then you should immediately consult a specialist. It is worth noting that the fastest way to tidy up blood sugar levels is to administer insulin, but there are also several other methods that each patient can use independently if necessary. The main ones include the following:

• Administration of insulin . This option can only be used after consultation with a specialist who must find the right dosage. Your blood sugar level can be checked about 10 minutes after your insulin injection.

• Exercise . During sports activities, the body begins to burn glucose in order to get enough energy. The cells send it to the muscles, which leads to a rapid decrease in sugar levels. It is worth choosing more cardio exercises that require a lot of energy.

• Drinking plenty of water . Due to this, the body begins to excrete much more urine and thus glucose is gradually excreted. This method is not suitable for those people who have kidney or heart problems.

• Lots of protein . A large amount of protein can help keep your blood sugar in order. This method will achieve results over time and will last much longer than others.

High blood sugar should not be ignored as it can lead to other serious health problems.


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