How to keep your eyesight: a few tips named

(ORDO NEWS) — The older a person gets, the greater the risk that some kind of eye disease will begin to develop.

You can keep your eyes healthy with a few simple tips that include proper nutrition, eye protection and regular visits to specialists.

1- A huge number of diseases may not appear in the early stages, so many people do not realize for a long time about the presence of problems.That is why it is necessary to find a truly experienced ophthalmologist who will be able to notice even minor deviations in time.

2- Healthy foods will help reduce the risk of all sorts of pathologies or conditions that can provoke vision problems. Such problems include diabetes or high blood pressure.The diet must contain cabbage, fatty fish, leafy greens, which are very useful for vision.

3- Do not forget about heredity. Some eye diseases can be inherited. Therefore, you need to inquire about what diseases the relatives suffered.This will allow you to take the necessary measures in time.

4- Physical activity must be present in life. It can also help protect the body against diabetes and blood pressure problems.

5-It is also necessary to protect the eyes from UV radiation. Good quality sunglasses are good for this. They are able to block up to 100% of harmful radiation.

6-It is necessary to give up bad habits, especially smoking, which has an extremely negative effect on the condition of the eyes.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of your eyes as closely as possible. This will preserve your vision for many years.


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