How to help a child cope with fear – advice from a psychologist

(ORDO NEWS) — Svetlana Royce, a family and child psychologist with a huge work experience, spoke about how to properly raise children and act in various difficult situations. The specialist also gave some advice on what to do if the child is experiencing severe fear.

Svetlana Royce emphasized that today, regardless of the age of the child, the problem of fear is very relevant for all children.

Stress has become the reason that children could already calmly survive and forget due to their age. The psychologist recommends following some simple actions that will help to cope with fear not only for a child, but also for an adult.

– You need to imagine that you are in a huge ball that glows. With the help of the palms, it is worth building boundaries. Everything that can scare is outside the ball. Inside it is only love and peace.

– It is important to remind the child that he is very strong, so he can cope with any fear. At such times, you can still relax. For example, start looking for objects of the same color with your eyes or drink water, jump several times.

– You can invite the child to find a magic button that will turn off fear. She can be anywhere. It is worth rubbing your palms and tapping on different parts of the body in order to understand where the “button” is located.

– You can try to imagine how something that is very frightening is reduced and can easily fit in a fist or, for example, in a matchbox.

– Imagine with your child how fear becomes small, goes to the safe and closes there, is tied with a chain and teleported to another planet.

Never laugh at a child’s fears. The psychologist says that most of all children are afraid that their real fear may be ridiculed and not taken seriously by adults.

If we talk about the fact that there is nothing to be afraid of and “you figured it all out”, then in this way the baby’s feelings are devalued, and at this moment they are incredibly important for him.


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