How to grow a garden on a windowsill easily

(ORDO NEWS) — Plants freshen the air, relax the eyes and simply delight their owners. But not every plant can be easily grown on your balcony.

From the great variety of indoor plants, it can be very difficult for beginner growers to choose. We offer you the best plant options that you can plant at home today

If you’re not very good at botany and gardening, you might be amazed at how many different plants you can plant in your home – large plants, miniature plants, hanging plants, succulents, and more.

To make your choice a little easier, we’ve rounded up some great green space options to suit any home.


One of the easiest plants to grow and care for, pothos has lovely heart-shaped leaves and growing vines that will quickly fill your windowsill with beauty.

Because it can thrive in low light conditions and doesn’t require much moisture, this species is great for beginner growers and those who often forget to water their plantings.

How to grow a garden on a windowsill easily 2


Perhaps the most popular indoor flower. It can bloom several times a season and produce incredibly beautiful flowers.

When leaving on vacation, you don’t have to worry about an orchid – this flower can survive even 5 weeks without watering (tested from my own experience).

Given the unpretentiousness of the orchid, this plant is ideal for those who are not ready to devote a lot of time to flowers, but at the same time want to admire the beauty on their windowsill.

How to grow a garden on a windowsill easily 3

Tillandsia ionanta

Air plants like this are often rootless and soak up nutrients through their leaves, making them a great option for those who forget to water their plants or simply don’t have time to grow their own.

Air plants such as Tillandsia are very easy to “operate”: they only need indirect light and soaking in a tub once every two weeks.

How to grow a garden on a windowsill easily 4


Another reliable home plant option for beginners. It will withstand all the hardships you can give it, such as irregular watering and dry air.

And, most importantly, for residents of apartments or those who live in other shady rooms, Zamioculcas easily tolerates low light.

How to grow a garden on a windowsill easily 5


These plants produce clusters of vibrant flowers several times a year, usually in small 10 cm pots, so they won’t take up much space on your windowsill.

The key to caring for these beautiful plants is not to overwater them. It’s best to let them dry between waterings and let them soak up water from below rather than pouring it out from above.

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