How to get rid of snoring several effective methods

(ORDO NEWS) — Doctors talked about how you can get rid of snoring or make it less intense. At the same time, experts believe that there is no such way that would help 100% and would suit absolutely every person.

However, there are several effective methods. You just need to choose what is suitable in each individual case. It is worth noting that it is imperative to take into account the causes that provoke the appearance of snoring.

If the cause of snoring is in the nose or in the mouth, then in this case it is worth using special nozzles that have been specially designed in such a way as to significantly reduce the volume of snoring.

Sometimes snoring is the result of an allergic reaction or a stuffy nose, so at night a person begins to breathe through his mouth.

Very often a person can snore even when he has absolutely no problems with his nose. The reason for this is that he sleeps on his back. Due to this position, not enough air enters the larynx, which provokes the occurrence of loud snoring.

If a person rolls over on his side, then this will solve the problem, because more air will begin to flow.

Another effective method is the use of an additional pillow, which is placed under the head so that the airways do not overlap. It is much easier to breathe at night and when a person takes a fairly hot shower before going to bed.

Experts conducted a study and found that snoring can occur due to drinking alcohol shortly before bedtime, because it has an extremely negative effect on the muscles of the throat. A common cause is overweight, so you need to try and get rid of extra pounds.

Experts emphasize that in each individual case, the cause of snoring can be completely different, so there is no universal method that will suit every person. If none of the proposed options brought the desired result, then in this case it is worth seeking medical help and undergoing an examination.


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