How to get rid of nightmares: five easy ways

(ORDO NEWS) — Nightmares are a phenomenon that occurs at any age. Unpleasant dreams occur against the background of stress, psychological and physical fatigue, and various traumas.

There are some simple tips on how to start sleeping peacefully.

1. Go to rest earlier. Creepy dream pictures are often the result of not getting enough sleep. When sleep is insufficient, the intensity of dreams increases. The optimal rest time is 7-8 hours.

2. Take a hot bath. Warm water can relax, remove muscle tension, and help you fall asleep faster. It is recommended to add very little lavender oil to the water. A sound sleep is guaranteed.

3. Avoid stress, try to worry less. Negative emotions directly affect brain function during rest. Eliminate the maximum of irritants, do not worry about every little thing.

4. Don’t take certain medications. Beta-blockers and antidepressants significantly impair sleep quality. If you cannot completely refuse, then reduce the dosage.

5. Do not eat before bed. The need to digest food makes the systems of the body and the brain work, as a result, the body cannot “turn off” earlier. The risk of having nightmares increases.


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