How to get rid of itching after a mosquito bite

(ORDO NEWS) — Pleasant impressions from visiting a forest or a river in summer can be spoiled by numerous mosquitoes.

After the bites, the skin begins to itch terribly and there is severe discomfort. You can easily eliminate very unpleasant sensations by using the means available to everyone.

Vegetables and fruits

To quickly eliminate the itch from a mosquito bite, just attach a piece of lemon to the affected area. Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory effects.

Onions have the same effect. These compresses will quickly eliminate the burning sensation, as well as the swelling that may appear at the site of the bite.


Unpleasant sensations are the result of the fact that the body begins to react to substances that are injected by insects. You can fix the problem with saline lotions. They are quite effective and available to absolutely everyone.

Essential oils

Essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree will help to cope with the problem. They have not only an anti-inflammatory effect, but also anesthetize well and have an antibacterial effect.

Do not forget that essential oils have a high level of concentration, so they must be diluted with water before wiping the skin. The tool can be used for lotions, which will immediately demonstrate a positive effect.

Special patches

Pharmacies sell special patches that have previously been soaked in a substance that can cope with burning and itching after mosquito bites.

Be sure to read the instructions in this case, so as not to harm your health. You need to pay attention to contraindications, because patches are not suitable for all people.

It is also advisable to protect yourself from mosquitoes before going to nature. For this, special sprays can be used.

In addition, you can use repellents that have a natural base. They are made from plants and therefore safer and do not harm health, but at the same time they are excellent at repelling insects.


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