How to find out what drugs can be used for COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — COVID-19 is considered a severe acute respiratory infection. It is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The disease is quite dangerous, proceeds in different forms. Viral pneumonia is a common complication. In sick people, acute respiratory failure appears, for the elimination of which oxygen therapy is necessary. Due to the tense situation around the world, many people are interested in the question of how to treat coronavirus . It is definitely worth dealing with it in more detail.

Signs of coronavirus infection

The main symptoms of the disease include:

– increased fatigue;
– heat;
– dry cough;
– change in taste;
– chest pain;
– labored breathing.

Every person has a coronavirus in different forms. The symptomatology is not fully understood, therefore there are many cases when the disease proceeds without any signs at all. To date, clinical studies are ongoing, which provides more information about the dangerous disease. There are also various portals regarding the effectiveness of drugs against coronavirus. One of them is . It has easy navigation and a dedicated mobile version. All information is current and updated regularly.

Treatment features

There is no specific therapy for coronavirus. Medicines are selected only based on symptoms and the severity of the case. Antiviral therapy, corticosteroids, antibiotics may be required. You just need to remember that medications cannot be taken alone. Doctors should be consulted. Not many medications can help; some of them, on the contrary, make the situation worse.

The resource Kovidtek will always help in choosing a medicine. It was created on the basis of reliable and verified medical sources. It is on this site that you can check medicines for the effectiveness of treatment. The portal is easy to use. On it you can get information about vaccines, medicines, equipment that will help in the fight against coronavirus infection, because it is little studied and dangerous. Thanks to this information, it is possible to avoid mistakes while providing assistance to a sick person, to achieve recovery.

To test a medicine, it is enough to indicate its name and find out whether it is effective or not. In addition, you can simultaneously study all the features of a medicine, actions, research, how to use it. The sources where the information was taken from must be indicated, which confirms its veracity. Such a service will be useful to everyone who is faced with the coronavirus and does not know how to proceed further, doubts about the prescribed treatment. The number of drugs in the directory exceeds 11,000 and is constantly expanding.


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