How to find out about your personality using numerology

(ORDO NEWS) — As part of the practice of numerology, it is believed that you can better understand the world around us by observing the numerical patterns in everyday life. But this spiritual discipline can also help people better understand their inner world. With the help of a simple equation, everyone can find out their life path number, a unique number, which, they say, shows the deepest values ​​and problems that a person will have to face. Apart from life path numbers, there are also angel numbers which that are believed to support the notion of every numeric value that contains certain vibrational energy, and that the cluster of numbers appears to people as a premonition. You could visit websites such as Destiny Awakens and alike, to know more about angel numbers and life path numbers.

How to calculate your life path number

To find your life path number, you just need to take your date of birth and reduce it to its numerical value. For example, if a person is born on May 5, 2014, you must first specify the individual values ​​of the day, month, and year: May is the fifth month, so its number is 5. Birthday is obviously five.

Finally, the year of birth can be reduced to one number by adding all the numbers together, and then adding together the numbers of this amount. So, now there are three numbers left that need to be added together, and one more amount to decrease.

Depending on the date of birth, after this step you can get another two-digit number – you just need to continue to reduce until you get a single-digit number. In this example, the number will be the life path number.

If a person is an absolute beginner in numerology, but is familiar with astrology, you need to think that it looks like a zodiac sign – a representation of both the person and the abstract future. In other words, this number can tell a lot about the person, but perhaps more importantly, it says what will be the main purpose of life.

What does life path number mean?

This number speaks about those qualities and attributes that a person possesses that he can share with others. The number of the person speaks about those things that a person keeps with himself or tells only to those whom he loves and trusts. It also talks about how others perceive a person. The things that a person hides may be more visible than he thinks.

In numerology, the number of personalities is a very important aspect that defines the characteristics, traits, qualities and vibrations that a person sends to the outside world. He distinguishes what kind of people he will love, what facts he will accept and what things he will let into his heart and mind. It reveals aspects that a person shares with others, and points to people, situations or things that do not correspond to his nature.

Personality numbers that mean

It is described above how to calculate the personality number, but what does it mean?

Personality No. 1

People born with this number are ambitious and natural born leaders. They behave independently, stubborn and many times selfish in their affairs. These people should soften their approach so that people with less confidence can easily come close to them.

Personality No. 2

People number 2 are very reliable and friendly in nature. They are full of ideas and talents. These gentle, good-natured people are often misunderstood because of their capricious nature and shyness. They are peacekeepers and at the same time strong fighters from the inside.

Personality No. 3

These people are happy and very smart. They know how to use their intuition and use their excellent communication skills to attract people. Their ability to make the right decisions quickly makes them successful. These people are very creative and talkative. They can easily make friends, but often encounter manipulations with their actions.

Personality No. 4

These people like to do everything in order and in detail. Their serious attitude makes people stay away, but their stability and maturity give them advantages.

Personality No. 5

These are energetic people who can adapt to any situation. They know how to take risks and deal with the challenges of fate.

Personality No. 6

These people are known for their warmth and poise. They are born with a golden heart and believe that they are working on the inner self, and not on their appearance. They are friendly and love to take care of everyone they meet.

Personality No. 7

These people have an excellent rational approach to any situation. They are wonderful poets and perceive the mysterious nature.

Personality No. 8

These people are successful because of their intuitive power. They are strong and at the same time dominate others. These are convincing, cordial, efficient and restrained people.

Personality No. 9

Number 9 owns the patron’s heart. These people are idealistic, influential. because of.

Numerology gives you the opportunity to better know yourself and learn everything around with the help of numbers. A personal number is one of those numbers that can reveal everything about your personality and share ways to attract everything you always wanted.


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