How to eat and not get fat : Scientists made low-fat whipped cream

(ORDO NEWS) — Whipped cream is almost 40 percent fat, making it a fairly high-calorie food. But will sweet lovers be able to enjoy their unique taste and texture if instead of milk fat, the texture of the dessert is given by bacteria?

Whipped cream is a unique product in many respects, in different recipes it should “behave” differently: on the surface of the cake it should be light and airy, but in the composition of the cake it should be hard enough to keep its shape for several hours.

Thus, depending on the method of preparation, the texture of whipped cream and its application change.

To make whipped cream, you need to bring milk fat to a foamy consistency, so heavy cream or at least milk with the addition of butter is used. The fat content in this dessert is 38 percent, which makes it far from dietary.

An international team of researchers led by Jens Risbo from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) has been working for several years to create an alternative to whipped cream – with a low fat content.

Instead of milk fat, they decided to use lactic acid bacteria , and now they have finally succeeded, using two different types of bacteria, to achieve both an airy and a hard consistency from the resulting product.

Although lactic acid bacteria are usually expected in yogurt or cottage cheese, in cream their role is different: they do not convert milk sugar into acid , but replace milk fat droplets (they are the same size as them), which allow the cream to whip.

Unlike whipped cream analogues based on coconut and palm oils, the new product contains almost no fat and consists of only four ingredients: water, bacteria, milk protein and a thickener.

How to eat and not get fat Scientists made low fat whipped cream 2
Scientists used two types of bacteria to create “airy” and “hard” versions of “whipped cream”

Thus, a fat-free product may well appear on store shelves, which, while retaining the taste and texture of your favorite dessert, will allow even those who watch their figure to enjoy strawberries with whipped cream from time to time.


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