How to determine the quality of water in a few minutes

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — American scientists from Northwestern University have developed a technology that allows you to find out in just a few minutes whether water has harmful metals or even antibiotics. It is reported by

One of the authors of the study said that the technology is somewhat reminiscent of a pregnancy test, that is, you do not need to wait a week to understand what water is in vitro. Everything is much simpler, you only need a couple of drops of water and immediately get a result that displays a special marker.

“Provided” to assess the quality of water bacteria, which will do this with the help of their molecular “taste buds”. It is known that during the study, scientists “taught” bacteria to visually signal the presence of pollutants. Scientists evaluated this ability of bacteria and decided to adopt it.

The inventors said that this technology has already been tested in the state of California, in an area where severe fires raged last year. Scientists investigated water, where obviously many toxic substances could be present. The new development has shown its ability to detect the presence of an increased level of pollutants no worse than existing tests, and much faster and cheaper.

The researchers’ article also says that the new approach reveals the presence of antibiotics in water.

Earlier, French scientists solved the mystery of the phenomenon of “dead water”, which seafarers faced back in 1893.


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