How to defeat laziness and achieve your goals

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — It happens that we catch on a goal or an idea, start moving towards it: make acquaintances, create projects, write, seek, create – and then suddenly everything stops. Why it happens?

We are becoming really lazy, more important matters are found. This is because there is a certain setting inside us, a program that says: “No, you should not do this,” and we unconsciously follow it. How to deal with this?

If something has been postponed for a long time and is not done, it makes sense to ask the question: “Who will feel bad if I have it (if I complete this business, if I achieve success, etc.)?” The question may seem a little strange, but this is only the first reaction. Oddly enough, if you think carefully, it turns out that success can cause, for example, someone’s envy and relationship with a significant person to deteriorate, roles within the family will change and someone will suffer, new achievements will open up prospects for which we or our loved ones are not ready.

Therefore, we “delay” the moment of completion, and with it all of these possible (yes, it’s possible, but somehow seemed very significant) scenarios.

Awareness of this “second bottom” and thinking out plans for how to interact in such a situation can lead to a sudden disappearance of laziness and a surge of strength.

“Why do I need it?” – also a good and timely question. Sometimes, when we plan and set goals, we are guided by momentary benefits, and they could change over time. Or we could just forget about them – the implementation itself was so difficult that it erased the possible benefits. Therefore, now is the time to think about them and think about whether these bonuses are relevant, maybe not, but in their place you can put something else, also important. And then again it becomes clear what we are going to.

“Whose purpose is this?” – Another seemingly strange question. But practice shows that there may also be a reason for sabotage on the path to the implementation of the plan. It so happens that we want something for the company, because someone told me something, because a person so significant to me wanted it. Unfortunately, sometimes we take someone else’s for ours.

Planning a long way to the goal and dividing it into stages can also be a good helper. Sometimes we are scared by the scale of the actions necessary to complete the project and our hands will drop from how much needs to be done. But if the path is broken into small pieces – stages, everything becomes much easier and more real. Therefore, a step-by-step description (yes, it is a description on paper or, as a last resort, on a computer) can help to move forward and take action.

And most importantly: it will always be great and always under any circumstances if you surround yourself with those who believe in you, cheer you up, speak words of support and help. The help resource of friends and relatives is very important, especially when it takes a long time to reach the goal and it seems to be quite difficult.


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