How to check honey for naturalness : Some effective tips

(ORDO NEWS) — Honey is considered a fairly popular natural type of sweets in Ukraine. It can bring great health benefits.

You can find a jar of honey in almost every house, but sellers do not always sell really high-quality products. There are several effective ways to determine whether honey is natural.

The fact that honey is natural is indicated by its consistency. It should be uniform. Quality products have a slightly cloudy color. Honey should stretch evenly and quite smoothly.

If it looks like liquid syrup, then it is a real fake. A high-quality product will cause a slight sniffle in the throat.

Depending on the variety, honey can have a different herbal or floral aroma, as well as a different color.

Unscrupulous sellers can dilute honey with flour, sugar syrup, sawdust, molasses, chalk and starch.

During honey collection, some beekeepers can feed bees with sugar syrup, which negatively affects the quality of honey, but at the same time it will not be possible to identify a fake even in laboratory conditions.

At the same time, such feeding allows you to significantly increase the volume of honey produced by bees.

To determine that honey is natural, you should listen to the following tips:

  • The product purchased during the season is perfectly wound on a spoon, slowly drawn.
  • When it gets colder, honey becomes thicker, because the saccharification process begins. It is natural and cannot be faked by adding sugar syrup.
  • The presence of foam can indicate a large amount of glucose in the composition, which begins to crystallize in the upper part of the jar.
  • If the honey begins to delaminate, then this indicates that it was harvested too early and is of low quality.
  • The natural product will be perfectly rubbed between the fingers.
  • You need to drop a little honey on the paper and if a wet circle appears, it contains water.
  • Naturalness will be indicated by the fact that the tea became darker after adding honey.
  • If you heat honey in a spoon, it will quickly begin to boil, and the fake will begin to darken, the aroma of burnt sugar will appear.
  • Adding iodine to honey will determine if there is starch. The fake will start to turn blue.

Fake honey not only will not bring any benefit, but can also harm your health. The choice of this product should be taken as seriously as possible.


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