How to calculate the state of health on the hands?

(ORDO NEWS) — Predicting the fate of a person’s hands is quite realistic, and for this it is not at all necessary to be a fortuneteller.

Even in ancient China, specialists could, only by looking at a patient, determine what he was sick with. Information is read on the face, iris and palms. On the latter, with a particular disease, special signs appear.

How to understand that something is wrong with the cardiovascular system?

Not only the condition of the skin, its color and dryness, but also the shape of the palm is an important criterion by which one can determine the tendency to a particular disease.

So, for example, people with wide hands and short fingers, indeed, as practice shows, are prone to high blood pressure.

The temperature of the palms can also tell a lot. Cold, they signal a violation of peripheral circulation. Constant numbness of the little fingers or thumbs indicates a weakness in the respiratory system.

Digestion in the palm of your hand

When the fingertips turn bright red, this indicates an urgent need to deal with the digestive system. Crimson palms indicate that the liver is toxic.

A yellowish tint to the skin of the palms also indicates disorders in the gallbladder or liver. Brown spots may appear on the back side, which speak far from age, but about problems with the gallbladder.

If rough skin is observed on the surface of the index finger, then this sign also applies there.

“Burning” palms indicate that the liver is poisoned by alcohol, drugs or chemicals. But when the joints show excessive flexibility, it means that there are malfunctions in the liver and gallbladder.

What can hands say about the state of the nervous system?

Brushes, the surface of which resembles marble with a cold pattern, “talk” about problems with the nervous system.

A fine mental organization is characteristic of the owner of narrow palms with thin long fingers, combined with pale skin that reacts to sudden temperature changes. They can indicate inflammation of the rectum, hypotension and a tendency to bronchial asthma.

Those who like to crunch their fingers, without realizing it, signal a calcium deficiency. Irregularly shaped joints are usually characteristic of gout sufferers.

Is everything in order with the thyroid gland – hands will also tell about this

Wet hands demonstrate endocrine problems, while dry and pale skin on the palms indicates hypothyroidism. The fact that the body lacks vitamins A and D is evidenced by peeling of the skin of the hands, but only if these are small plates, when the skin leaves in large layers, you should consult a dermatologist, most likely he will diagnose a fungus.


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