How to avoid contracting Covid-19: the most effective way

(ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus epidemic continues despite the fact that almost all people have returned to their jobs. To prevent the consequences of close contact of people in offices, you need to follow simple rules.

Physician Shelley Miller from the University of Colorado (USA) named the most effective way to protect yourself from the virus. So, it is enough just to regularly ventilate the premises. It is necessary to avoid stagnation of air.

Fresh air can quickly remove a pathogen if it enters a building. If several people are in the room, ventilation should be organized at least six times per hour. Whereas commercial buildings have ventilation systems, residential buildings often have to manually freshen the air.

Research back in 2016 confirmed the effectiveness of air ventilation. At the time, the SARS, MERS and H1N1 viruses were raging. Experts advised to ventilate the premises every time the opportunity arose (at least 9 times per hour). Thanks to such measures, the risk of infection was reduced significantly.

If possible, it is worth not closing windows and doors in buildings where there is no ventilation. Carbon dioxide sensors can be installed in offices to measure carbon dioxide concentration. On the street, where the survival rate of the virus is very weak, carbon dioxide is 400 parts per million, in well-ventilated areas – 800 parts per million. Ideally, the figure should be 600 parts per million.

The professor of mechanical engineering understands that it is far from all enterprises will worry about purchasing sensors. Shelley Miller recommended installing them at least in large offices, where more than a dozen people work.


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