How the decomposition of human bodies on Mars will take place

(ORDO NEWS) — When conversations are constantly going on about the colonization of Mars, it is worth thinking about how the settlers will cope with the dead. Due to the fact that transporting bodies to Earth is too expensive, this option is immediately ruled out.

Discovery Magazine reports.

Today Mars is a dry and cold planet with only 0.16% oxygen in its thin atmosphere. The average temperature on the planet reaches -63 degrees Celsius, but the figures may vary slightly under the influence of the region and season. In addition, there are no living organisms and liquid water on Mars.

Experts believe that if a person is buried in Martian soil, then in the end result his body will dry out and turn into a mummy. Only the first stages of decomposition may be present, but the decay process will continue until the body is frozen.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that most of the bacteria present in the human body are aerobic. Their growth stops if the oxygen index is less than 40%. Only anaerobic bacteria that require a minimum amount of oxygen will be able to multiply. On Mars, bodies will turn into perfect mummies, and not skeletons, as happens on Earth.

Cremation is also considered a popular method, but it will not work on the Red Planet either. This requires a very high temperature, which outside the Earth will be not only problematic, but also very expensive.


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