How the crossbow made the knights useless warriors

(ORDO NEWS) — For centuries, the knights were the dominant force on the battlefield, and it seemed that no one could ever surpass them. Ironically, the knights were suddenly reduced to useless “tin cans” by a very simple invention called the crossbow.

The crossbow, invented in the 12th century, became a kind of superweapon of that time.

It was made of steel, so it could take much more tension than conventional bows, and thus generate more force when fired. The crossbow retained its accuracy when firing up to 300 meters, reloaded relatively quickly and was incredibly easy to use. In addition, crossbow bolts easily pierced armor.

With the advent of the crossbow, the mighty knight, with all his skills, fancy armor and lengthy training, became nothing more than an easy target for a guy who learned to shoot at the strength for a couple of weeks.

An experienced crossbowman could even “lay down” two clumsy and slow knights in a minute, and then switch to new targets, while remaining out of reach.

The knights called crossbows unworthy and vile weapons, but this did not change the fact that their leadership on the battlefield came to an end.


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