How the Annunaki aliens from the planet Nibiru control earthlings, what are the signs

(ORDO NEWS) — The Annunaki – what role did they play in the history of mankind. The whole truth about aliens.

The presence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet has long been discussed in conspiracy circles. Popular culture ridicules these rumors and the authorities choose to ignore them. At first glance, it may seem that this is just fiction. But many facts and events prove that aliens can indeed be among us.

Who are the Annunaki?

The Annunaki are divine extraterrestrial beings. Approximately once every 3600 years they visit the Earth, come into contact with people. However, there is an assumption that individual representatives of this race still live on Earth. In addition, Aliens willingly enter into an intimate relationship with women, after which quite healthy children are born, in whose veins alien blood flows.

These creatures have nothing to do with the reptilians, which, according to some researchers, inhabit Nibiru, Planet X and other celestial bodies. Unlike humans, Aliens live for thousands of years (if we count by human standards).

The very name of the extraterrestrial race has two versions of the translation:

  1. “Descended (descended) from heaven”;
  2. “Having noble (pure) blood.”

Experts suggest that the “Annunaki” comes from the ancient Sumerian word, which in Russian means “prince’s seed.” There is a theory that the prince meant a god named Enki.

The interpretation of the name of the race in translation into the parent language looks curious. In this version, the word “Annunaki” consists of the following syllables: yo, ma, ma, yo, ma, ka, yo.

What do the syllables mean:

  • yo – fire;
  • ma – mother;
  • ka – horror.

It turns out that the guests from a distant planet are “fiery mothers of horror” or “fiery terrible mothers”. At the same time, “horror” can be considered both in a positive and in a negative sense. Indeed, in a colloquial version, for example, the phrase “terribly tasty” has far from negative connotations.

What do the Annunaki look like?

There is nothing frightening or awkward in the appearance of the inhabitants of a distant planet. They have nothing in common with humanoids – green men, who often become characters in science fiction films.

The Annunaki are visually very similar to humans. They have two arms and two legs, two eyes, similar to the human structure of the whole body. The main difference between aliens is growth. It is believed that the Anunnaki are up to 4-5 meters high. Perhaps they became the prototype of the giants present in the mythology of various peoples.

annunaki i133356 2

Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization have heavy and massive bones. Skin is light and luminous. This glow equates them to deities.

On ancient bas-reliefs, both Sumerian and Egyptian, the Anunnaki look absolutely the same as ordinary people. However, in ancient Egyptian drawings there is one feature that is characteristic only of deities from distant space. Above their heads is often depicted a large radiant sphere.

Where did you come from

When it becomes clear who the Anunnaki are, the next question arises: where exactly did they come to Earth.

In addition to the theory that the divine race lives on Nibiru (or Planet X), there are several other assumptions where the Anunnaki come from:

  1. Sirius;
  2. Constellation Alpha Centauri;
  3. Constellation Orion.

How many representatives of extraterrestrial civilization flew to our planet? Researchers give different numbers. Some believe that there were only seven Aliens.

Others suggest that at least fifty, one hundred or three hundred divine space creatures visit the Earth each time. Some sources say that there were 500 or 900 aliens.

What did the Annunaki do on Earth?

There are several points of view, why the Anunnaki first flew to Earth and why they return to our planet over and over again.

The most popular version at the moment was presented by the previously mentioned Zecharia Sitchin. He believed that guests from Nibiru came to Earth in order to extract gold.

They use precious metal in the form of dust to create an external field for their planet. It retains sunlight, heat and acts as a “protective shield”.

Initially, the Aliens mined gold in the bowels of Nibiru. But at some point, the reserves were completely depleted. Therefore, the divine creatures set off to explore other celestial bodies, hoping to find the element they needed on them.

Once on Earth and realizing that there are plenty of gold reserves, the creatures decided to create assistants for themselves (in another version, slaves). The Annunaki conducted several experiments during which they crossed their DNA with the genes of earthly monkeys.

After several unsuccessful experiments, which led only to dead-end branches of development, the aliens managed to create a reasonable person.

Exploring the Earth, the Aliens quickly realized that many useful materials could be found in this place. Gradually, in addition to gold, they began to extract tungsten, silver and other elements, using them as fuel for their flying ships.

According to another version, the main goal for the guests from outer space could be the desire to transfer valuable knowledge to humanity. When they first appeared on Earth, people already existed, but developed extremely slowly. The Annunaki helped the human race evolve faster.

There is a third theory, in which the creatures from Nibiru are described as hostile and evil creatures. They wanted (and want) to capture the Earth, to enslave or completely destroy all of humanity. Supporters of such an idea insist that the possible end of the world will not happen due to a collision between our planet and Nibiru, but because of an attack from extraterrestrial beings.

Mentions in various sources

In many ancient Sumerian-Akkadian traditions, the Anunnaki appear, appearing in the form of deities. So, for example, they are present in the myth “Lahar and Ashnan”, in the legend “Enki and Ninmah”.

In the legends of Ancient Babylon, you can also find references to these creatures. The Anunnaki are spoken of in the mythical stories “The Tale of Erra” and “Enumal Elish”.

Some scientists insist that the image of aliens from a distant planet can be traced in the legacy left by the Aztecs and Mayans.

Among modern sources, books written by Z. Sitchin occupy a central place. Particular attention should be paid to the Earth Chronicles cycle.

Let’s look into the past

About 6000 years ago, in the region of Mesopotamia, also known as Mesopotamia, the Sumerian civilization appeared. According to historical data, it was unusually developed for its time.


Ancient texts indicated that the Sumerians had their own number system. And so – they also had unusually clear knowledge about the structure of the solar system. In addition, many unique inventions are attributed to this mysterious people. The Sumerians themselves claimed that this was a “gift of the gods.” To date, scientists have found that Sumerian mythology has many similarities, which were also described in the “Old Testament” of the Bible. And as we know, the Bible was written much later, after the disappearance of this people.

For example, in the myths of Sumer, it was the same way it was told about the creation of the world. It was said that man was created from clay and endowed with the breath of life. It was about heaven and hell. It has long been generally accepted that the Biblical version of the Flood story is borrowed from the Sumerian myths. Then the myths of the Sumerians spread to neighboring ancient states. Such as Assyria, Babylon and Elam. Having formed a separate mythological pantheon.

First mention of the Annunaki

According to historians, it is in Sumerian mythology that the first mention of the Annunaki can be found.

But who are they?

In Sumerian mythology, they act as deities generated by the god Anu. He was considered the patron saint of heaven. And the goddess Ki – the patroness of life.

The Annunaki brought knowledge and were considered intercessors of people.

In the myths of Babylonia, these higher beings act as builders of pyramidal temples.
Today it is generally accepted that the Annunaki came to Earth from Nibiru. However, in the program “Thought is material” another version was voiced.
Firstly, it is correct to say not Nibiru, but Nubira. The word “nubi” means “on the other side”. The second part “ra” means “one god or sun”.

That is – “Coming from – for the sun.”

However, Jeanne also said that even Nubira is not the real name of their planet. Actually it is called WAMFIM. It is the closest Annunaki planet to Earth. And there are thousands of such planets.

Annunaki among us

However, some representatives of the Annunaki continue to live on Earth. Like impassive arbitrators, they make sure that other aliens from outside would not interfere in the life of our planet.
The policy of non-intervention concerns everything. Including military conflicts and climate disasters. All these problems must be solved by the people themselves. And people can solve them.

Was Jesus Anunnaki? So they changed our history?

The deciphering of ancient scriptures has led to a fascinating theory that challenges us as a race. Almost 3.9 billion years ago, our Astro Sun, due to its gravitational force, attracted an intruder planet in our planetary system. It was a reddish planet of colossal proportions, which we can only compare with the mighty Jupiter, the Sumerians called it Nibiru, “The Crossing Planet.”

1 annunaki

A star formed in another solar system entered our guest through our Sun. By deviating from its orbit, Nibiru caused an unprecedented cosmic disaster as it was on a collision course with another colossus, a planet called Tiamat, a water star made up of vast oceans. The latter had 11 satellites, the largest of which was called Kingu (Moon).

At that time, there were only 8 planets in our solar system, which the Sumerians called like this: Mummu (Mercury), Lahamu (Venus), Lahmu (Mars), Tiamat, Kishar (Jupiter), Anshar (Saturn), Anu (Uranus). and EA (Neptune). The sun has been called “Apsu” in the texts, it looks like some of the planets originated from other larger celestial bodies, others claim that Uranus and Neptune come from a cloud that originated in Saturn’s rings.

When Nibiru passed near Anshara (Saturn), it launched one of its satellites with its gravitational field and moved it to the outskirts of the solar system, this satellite was known as “Gaga”, our current Pluto. Later, a collision of unimaginable magnitudes between Nibiru and Tiamat will leave the latter without life and swarm aimlessly through the solar system. After 3,600 years, Nibiru will return to the system to cross it between Mars and Jupiter, in the second invasion it will again collide with the mass of already affected Tiamat, this time splitting it into two parts.

One of them will embody our current planet Earth, and the other will become a ring of asteroids that will separate the inner stars from the outer ones. Ki (the mainland below), who will enjoy the warm rays of Apsu and the luminous nights thanks to Kingu, the moon.

The Anunnaki counted the year of Nibiru as a Shar, which in Earth time would be 3,600 years, exactly how long it takes for Nibiru to make a complete revolution in its invading orbit around our solar system. But of course, for the Anunnaki of Nibiru, these 3,600 years would only represent one year in their calendar.

But what is NASA hiding about the return of Nibiru? Is a huge cataclysm approaching? Is there any evidence of their possible return? The systematic disinformation exposed by the mainstream media, combined with the lockdown coming from certain government agencies, leaves us largely vulnerable to the veracity of the reality that crosses us.

Observation of two “suns” in some parts of the planet, the Hawaiian observatory observing the sunrise with a bright planet, not officially recognized, thunder sounds in different parts of the globe, coming from above, puzzled even the most skeptics.

There are many theories, many hypotheses, but the immensity of the unknown is as overwhelming as it is concrete.

Cuneiform clay tablets found in Iraq

2 annunaki

These texts contain the true history and origin of man. The dead linguist Zecharia Sitchin, who devoted over 30 years of his life to translating these Sumerian tablets, published his book The Twelfth Planet in 1976. Sitchin deciphered the texts and discovered that the Sumerians knew of the existence of all the planets in the solar system.

This includes the twelfth star called Nibiru. “Crossing Planet” whose elliptical orbit approaches Earth every 3,600 years. Its inhabitants, the Anunnaki, came to Earth thousands of years ago in search of gold and minerals. In various works it is clearly stated that, thanks to advanced genetic engineering, it was they who gave rise to humanity.

Mainstream science ignores this story because its acceptance would mean the invalidity of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the foundations of which are unprovable, but blindly accepted by the system. The principle is based on manipulation to hide evidence of our extraterrestrial origin.

Scholars and archaeologists have risked their careers to uncover a history that is forbidden to us. The Sumerians, the oldest culture in the world, have provided a large amount of texts and evidence, and every person is ready to accept or not accept the theory of who were the true creators of mankind.

Sumerian gods

3 annunaki

Akkadian cylinder seal c. 2300 BC depicting the deities Inanna, Utu and Enki, the three members of the Anunnaki The Sumerian triad of gods was led by AN (God of the sky), he was the king of the gods who ruled from heaven, legislating on earth. By marriage to Antu, he had two sons, Enlil and Enki, who fought each other for succession to the throne. AN was depicted as a star, and the Sumerians worshiped him in the city of Ku.

Enlil (god of wind and storms) was the supreme god of Sumer, an angry being who served as the military chancellor. Arrogant and dictatorial, he was interested in new conquests on earth just to be able to rule. Enlil hated people, tried to destroy humanity three times, the most popular of which was the Flood.

His rivalry with Enki was that they were both children of different mothers, but since Enlil was the son of Antu, he was the forced heir to the throne. His symbols were the crown and the seven stars of the Pleiades. His cult center was in the city of Nippur, where he owned the so-called “Eye that explores the earth.”

Enki (Lord of the Earth and God of the waters and seas) was a scientist and engineer with great knowledge in the field of genetic engineering. With which I construct and create a person by manipulating DNA in order to improve it through various attempts. He was the only Sumerian god who could be considered useful to mankind, distinguished by his wisdom and spiritual philosophy. He was the one who passed the knowledge to the ancient man.

He offered his teachings in the field of agriculture, astronomy, astrology, he was a great marine engineer, able to control water currents to supply thirsty people. As the creator of man, Enki felt a special devotion to humanity, his intentions and desires were aimed at improving the quality of life on Earth. More than once he risked his life to protect the earth from the attacks of other gods who only pursued its devastation.

Arrival of the Anunnaki

4 annunaki

According to the tables, the first Anunnaki expedition to reach Earth consisted of 50 Anunnaki led by Enki, sent to Earth by his father A.N. The idea of ​​this trip was nothing less than the creation of a spaceport in the Persian Gulf in order to build a large refinery for the extraction of gold and minerals. The Anunnaki are facing a major problem in their ecosystem, on the planet Nibiru, the sun’s ultraviolet rays from their galaxy have caused havoc due to their weak ozone layer, they need gold for their survival.

Enki asked his father for permission to build the first city in southern Mesopotamia, his name was Eridu, which means: “A house built in the distance.” The first gold mining expedition failed, Enki returned to Nibiru, and Enlil was now in charge of a new attempt.

This time it was in the Abzu, “The Source”, which this time in North Africa will receive 600 Anunnaki. According to the tables, people who came from heaven established a total of 7 operating bases in southern Mesopotamia. Zecharia Sitchin was able to discover that these cities were strategically placed to receive spacecraft coming from Nibiru.

Ninhursag (Earth Mother Goddess) appeared on the scene to seduce one of her two brothers, Enlil or Enki, because if one of them gave them a son, she would become heir to the throne. Ninhursag maintained a relationship with both, bearing many children.

Creation of man

As Enki continued mining, those in charge of this mission began to organize to protest the unsanitary working conditions. “We are astronauts, not miners,” they complained over and over again.

When Enlil went to the mines for a routine inspection, a rebellion broke out. The Anunnaki miners rioted, burned their tools, and rushed to Enlil’s house. This was when the latter would contact his father A.N. to inform him that the supply of gold had been cut off, the mines closed, and the Anunnaki were refusing to obey orders.

Sovereign A.N. granted the request of his subordinates to suspend mining. It was there that Enki said, “We will create a human into which the Anunnaki gene can be inserted,” he was thinking of Homo erectus, a primitive inhabitant who he considered a hybrid of a human capable of crossing the genes of both species.

It was there that he changed the laws of life, still unaware of what end this experiment could have. The council would have approved the initiative and argued: “Create a LULU (primitive slave) and let him endure the yoke of the Anunnaki.” Very short deadlines were set, and they, along with his sister Ninhursag, a geneticist, set to work. They took a female hominid to extract an egg and fertilize it with the sperm of young Anunnaki, after insemination it was re-implanted into an Anunnaki female. They repeated the process with the so-called goddesses of reproduction, who gave men and women with very limited mental powers that which conditioned the correct use of tools.

5 annunaki

That’s why Enki locked himself in his laboratory in Eridu to perfect Homo sapiens. His goal was to make him more long-lived and intelligent, for which he used his own sperm. There will be born “Adapa”, who in the biblical texts will be identified as Adam, who has the ability to reproduce. This angered Enlil, who only, without reasoning and without the possibility of becoming numerous, pursued the idea of ​​man as a subject of power.

The gods left the mining to teach them how to till the fields, recite poetry, dance and sing for them. This was until some people were ordained priests so that they could carry out their activities in temples, worshiping the gods. Each Anunnaki fed their egocentricity to be worshiped as a god, all we know about these space visitors has been thanks to the discovery of around 25,000 clay tablets that detail how this extraterrestrial civilization came to Earth over 445,000 years ago, creating the human being. genetically about 300 thousand.

Who were the Anunnaki? We know that although they were considered gods, they were not so at the center, neither angels nor demons. We can define them as an advanced civilization based on physics and technology, capable of crossing space planes and galaxies.

Was Jesus Anunnaki? What is the Bible hiding from us? What do we know about our origins as humanity?

If the world accepted the Anunnaki theory, Western monotheism, religious control of the state would be abolished, prejudices in Darwin’s theory of evolution would be ignited, and our understanding of ourselves and our place would be completely changed. Universe. This is one of many answers why this story was erased and ignored, modified and turned into an almost mythological romance.

UFO side

Interesting facts about the Anunnaki are discovered by ufologists. There are two versions of the appearance of these creatures. The first one says that they were aliens on spaceships, who gave knowledge and skills to people, and this helped them get out of the wild. The second version suggests that the Anunnaki were with extraterrestrial intelligence and it was they who brought life to Earth, which did not exist before.

6 annunaki

Thanks to genetic technology, they brought out the human race, which they were going to use for their own purposes (finish off minerals). For inexplicable reasons, these creatures left the Earth, but left people on it who were trained in everything. The result was a new civilization.

Planet Nibiru and its inhabitants: Anunnaki

annunaki i133356 10

The planet Nibiru, or as it is also called, the killer planet, scares many people around the world. This planet, according to many researchers, threatens humanity with its gravity. Because of which, allegedly, irreversible consequences on Earth, in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis, can be provoked.

Only now it’s not gravity that should be scared, but the inhabitants of this planet, the inhabitants, who are called the Anunnaki.

Nibiru and its inhabitants

The planet Nibiru is the twelfth celestial body in our solar system. The Anunnaki, the inhabitants of this mysterious planet, left numerous traces in the cosmogonic mythologies of mankind and visit our planet Earth from time to time.

Zecharia Sitchin is an American writer of Azerbaijani origin, it is he who is credited with introducing such a thing as the Anunnaki into the way of life of people.

The Anunnaki are masters of practical genetic engineering, a splinter group of alien beings from the planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki do crossbreeding DNA from different species, and humans are no exception.

Presumably, these highly developed “guests from another planet” got their name from the name of their ruler Anu.

This race is associated with Elohim (in the Old Testament, the designation of God, in the plural), which originate from Elohei – superior creatures from a higher dimension, watching the earthly race (people).

The planet of substantiation of a spiritless alien race is believed to be Nibiru. The aforementioned author also wrote about her.

Planet Nibiru, surpassing Jupiter in size, no matter how surprising it may sound, is part of our solar system. But only a few call it the 12th planet of the solar system. Chiron and the asteroid belt, passing between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, are also attributed there.

There are dozens of conflicting hypotheses about the location of the planet Nibiru. One of these versions speaks of a connection between the Sun and the Sirius system.

The arguments are that originally, the planet Nibiru was the upper planet of the brightest star Sirius – And now, it is considered the upper planet for the solar system. The Anunnaki and Elohim inhabit Nibiru.

The Anunnaki are often called Nibirians or Nibiruans, less often Nephilim (although this is a different group, about it later). It should be noted that their image was mentioned in the Bible. And yet, it is more common to call this alien race the Anunnaki.

This civilization, which collaborated with the reptiles, has similar genetic traits to them, being their direct descendants.

However, the biological body of the Anunnaki consists of a metal base, which indicates the benefits of the background radiation for this race. Moreover, it was they who delivered uranium to people. With modern man, they are united by the habit of being guided by thoughts rather than feelings.

The Anunnaki rely on their thoughts, not on their feelings, as in other things, most people. Consistent thought process plus weakened senses make them predators.

Being on Sirius – A, the Anunnaki learned the basics of alchemy from another alien race – the Pleiadians. This knowledge helped them transform ordinary metals into precious ones. They believed that alchemy should help them reduce the level of metal in the body, thereby making it similar to a human. The planet Nibiru and its inhabitants really keep a lot of secrets.

Creatures from the proximity of an alien race with humans

The detachment of the Anunnaki, who lived at that time on Sirius – A, visited the Earth more than once. Men of an alien race had intimacy with earthly women, but due to their electromagnetic incompatibility (energy difference), mutants were born.

Soon, these deformed entities were liquidated by one of the Great Floods. Despite this, one species still survived. He was discovered and given the name – Neanderthal. The appearance of this species, from the point of view of esotericism, is as follows: “Souls that have reached the limit of sinfulness were reborn precisely into these underdeveloped and limited bodies, as a punishment.”

7 annunaki

The existence of the Neanderthals fell on the time of the Atlanteans. Then, the dead bodies of such creatures living in cities were cremated. However, there were such mutants – Neanderthals, who preferred the natural area, completely ignoring the established rules.

It is not surprising that to this day, being on excavations, people are looking for the remains of Neanderthals, and not Atlanteans. According to the records of Anna Hayes, transmitted to her from the Guardians, it turns out: “The totality of the hereditary material of the Neanderthal has the genotypes of a primate, that is, a human and an alien race. The Neanderthals were slaves for the Anunnaki, who carried out their activities in the gold mines of their kindred masters.

There were also more successful hybrids of humans and Anunnaki, they occurred about 100,000 years ago. The generated beings were superior in terms of human development, but their spiritual component was very low. In other words, the resulting hybrids were aimed solely at the material aspect. They are usually called Nephilim (they were mentioned above).

The highly developed Elohim did not want such a distortion of the hereditary material, therefore they formed voids in their DNA molecule that erased the destructive genetic remnants of the Anunnaki. Such voids, inherited by people, are called by current experts only as “junk DNA”. The voids still have cellular memory, only these areas are disabled.

Experiments of the inhabitants of Nibiru on people

In trying to create a highly developed human society, the Anunnaki went too far. Establishing contact with earthly inhabitants soon turned into manipulation and enslavement. Many genetic experiments were carried out using silicon, it increased control over a person (control over a person’s mind). Apparently, this experiment failed, because the only basis of human life is carbon.

More terrible experiments began when the Anunnaki partially lost self-control. They thought they were doing it for the sake of improving the human genome, but soon, good intentions turned into an unbridled curiosity to mix everything and everything. So began to appear half-humans – half-animals.

Centaurs. One of their successful creations, the Anunnaki considered half-humans – half-horses. Simply centaurs, known to us from ancient Greek mythology. The aliens managed to make changes in the DNA of people and horses, mix them and bring out a completely new species that can not only live, but also reproduce.

Experimental creatures (centaurs) turned out to be physically developed, their strength and speed spoke about this, and therefore, they were chosen by another, more developed alien race of beings, for the stage of reincarnation, in order to increase their spiritual level of development. This civilization has moved to a new, more spiritual level.

But some of this civilization could not transform and move to a higher vibration (frequency), they remained at the same level. The alien race that remained (several thousand), due to the small number, could not manage their civilization, so they took part in the experiments. Namely, she embodied in centaurs, believing that they would cleanse their karma from past sinful deeds.

As a result of this, the kingdom of Pan appeared, it existed in peace and harmony with the human race. But soon, people stopped developing spiritually, they were taken over by: greed, self-interest, the highest degree of selfishness. This led to the loss of vision of the kingdom of Pan (his representatives) and countless other earthly kingdoms. Meanwhile, these creatures see people, since there is a parallelism of our worlds. But people are too short-sighted to notice them, however, as well as simply recognize such an existence.

Visits from other planets happened every 3600 years. And about 3500 years BC. e. The Sumerian civilization was founded. This indicates that the planet Nibiru is closely connected with the Earth. The Anunnaki are the founders of the Sumerian civilization, however, at the moment, they are a direct threat to all mankind.

Giants in the Bible

The Anunnaki giants and giants mentioned in the Bible, in the Old Testament: “… In those days and then, when the sons of God came to the daughters of men, giants were born on Earth, who were known for a long time …”. (1 Moses 6:4). Moses led a group of Jews out from under the yoke of Pharaoh, asked them to follow the words of God, the one Divine Commandments. In addition, in the Book of Kings we find descriptions of battles with giants with six fingers and six fingers each. “… And then there was another battle in Gath. There was a man of phenomenal growth with six fingers and toes, he was 24 years old, and he was a descendant of giants … “Moses is identified by numerous signs as one of the Anunnaki attases. Many peoples in biblical times fought for liberation from the oppression of the enemy. Many died at the hands of David. The story of David and Goliath is widely known.

Reading the Bible itself is not so easy to understand, we lack the knowledge to connect all the biblical events. We are familiar with the biblical creation of the man Adam and his wife Eve from Adam’s rib. They had offspring, 2 sons. Cain married, but to whom?! Where did the giants come from? There are many similar examples, to which there are no unequivocal answers. When Adam and Eve were created, the Earth was already inhabited by many different races, which appeared as a result of mixing the inhabitants of distant planets, they were brought to Earth. The Anunnaki made their own slaves. Around 35,000 years ago, a Neanderthal lived on earth. It was used in their experiments by the Anunnaki. It is said that this is how Homo sapiens appeared. Through genetic experiments, other creatures were created that looked like animals.


8 annunaki

Are the two characteristics the result of the Anunnaki genetic experience of other beings, that is, the addition of a new species on Earth before and after the birth of Adam and Eve. Many creatures such as faun, centaur, dragons, unicorns, satyrs, sphinx, mermaid, minotaur, cyclops, medusa, betray (Igigi) and others are part of the genetic creation of the Anunnaki.

Other characteristics of the demigods were the abduction among the human women of the Anunnaki in order to comprehend the children of the gods in their wombs as heroes of glory later (they are almost similar to the Nephilim giants, but no more than 3 and 2 meters in size, but are different from the sons of the Anunnaki rebel Grigori), but these demigods are like people with the ability of almost God, for example: Hercules, Samson, Perseus, Xerxes, Gilgamesh, Orpheus, Hippolyta, Helen Troy and others.


In the history of Mesopotamia, among the Jewish records, the Nephilim bear an incredible resemblance to the Anunnaki, just as they are told that they were the children of those who came from heaven, known as the Elohim, as well as the people of the Earth, usually human women. Another scripture besides the old Testament of the Bible is the missing book of the Bible known as the Book of Enoch. The book of Enoch speaks of the fallen sons of God forcing the daughters of men to be their wives. The children of God were male beings. From this union were born the giants “Nephilim”, who were up to 8 meters in height, were hostile warriors of glory, titans (Greek name referring to the myths of the fallen angels, like the Anunnaki), called gods for this ancient humanity, experienced discomfort in a cruel attitude towards to their children with humanity,

In this question about the Nephilim of the West, it was about the mysterious red hair giants who lived in caves in Nevada (USA) by the enemies of the Si-Te-Ka Indians and the giants of Patagonia by the Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães in 1519, both indigenous tribes reported the creatures who descended from the heavens to meet the women of the region, before the advent of these giants.


In Mesopotamian mythology, the Anunnaki are the sons and daughters of Anu, the supreme deity in the Sumerian belief system. Ki is the goddess of the earth. The offspring of Anu and Ki are called the Anunnaki. Instead of thinking in black and white, it’s helpful to understand that Anu and Ki should be taken as metaphorically as people from the sky and the planet itself, respectively. The Anunnaki are simply children that Anu created on the planet Ki. The Anunnaki served the Igigi until the Igigi rebelled, forcing the Anunnaki to create Mankind. 

These servants were not slaves; they were highly valued, and they were only created to free the gods from their work. In the beginning, Mankind had no set lifespan, and so the gods could only control overpopulation through flood, plague, and famine. During the last flood, the gods wept at the suffering of Mankind, and so man was given a predetermined life span. It was during this flood that Zivudra (Noah) survived with his wife on the ark. The story of the final flood can be found in Atra Khasis and Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Annunaki are credited with teaching the people the Sumerian language, as it is believed to be the first language ever written. The Annunaki language would be considered presumer. Interestingly, some linguists have found similarities between the Hungarian language and the Sumerian language. The Hungarians are believed to be the exiled remains of the Sumerians, and many of the legends of ancient Hungarian culture refer to the Annunaki myth. The Manysi ethnic group and the Khanty, like the Hungarians, are classified in the “Ugar” language family, and one person turns to shamanism, believing that the Mansi is a descendant of the Sumerians. However, linguistic similarities are also found between Hebrew, hinting at another Sumerian connection with the semester languages,

Conspiracy theories

The Anunnaki are believed to be beings from Aldebaran, whom the Vril sent in the 1920s, in search of projects needed for the Nazi UFO space program. Some sources attribute the Anunnaki, tall, light (white), blond and blue eyes, to the progenitors of the Caucasians. They are also suspected of being “tall whites” who the Iranians claim are working with the US government.

How to recognize a reptilian and who has already been identified


Is humanity ruled by alien reptiles disguised as humans? Are world leaders and pop stars hiding scaly skin and vertical pupils? What nonsense! However, on the Internet, many take such statements quite seriously. Further on how to recognize a reptilian undercover.

How to recognize a reptilian

Potential reptilian conspiracy theorists identify by certain distinctive features. So, usually they are white people with a piercing look and green or blue eyes (although lizards are able to change their shade). The reptilian has low blood pressure, and the body may have scars of unexplained origin.

Since the Anunnaki disguise themselves as humans, the behavior of suspects should be observed. Reptilians and half-breeds usually do not show empathy, are incapable of love, are very intelligent and are fond of science and space.

In addition, it is worth taking a closer look at the video of a person who is suspected of being a lizard: sometimes in some videos the disguise does not work, and you can see vertical pupils or scaly skin.

Comments under such videos are a separate issue. Seeing another “revelation”, vigilant users of the video service are sincerely amazed and write “This changes everything!” or “Damn, he has pupils like a snake!” Some leave detailed instructions on how to identify a reptilian in the real world. For example, one oldlanguage says:

“When you see one of them next to you, listen – they emphasize the letter “c”, stick their tongue out of their mouths like snakes, their pupils change shape, their skin turns green. All this will happen if you can get one of them to get mad at you, but watch carefully, they are able to suppress such manifestations – so piss him off well. In short, when you see something like this, immediately try to irritate the bastard until he cracks. Love and peace to you!”

In 2012, a record appeared on the website that David Icke himself was under the control of reptilians, who enslaved his soul and use it in their black deeds.

Indeed, look into those cold eyes of a creature from another world. He does not express empathy towards his fans, and his threats towards the reptilians are just a cunning conspiracy of his real intentions. Alas, Hayk himself hardly realizes that the lizards have long subjugated him.

david icke


A plump young man in a gray T-shirt and loose jeans walks down the street. He walks the dog. It would seem that this is unusual? But if you look closely, you can see that his legs arch when walking unnaturally – forward.

Someone Mr Patriarch wrote on Twitter: “Zuckerberg’s legs bend forward, not backward. The reptilians made a mistake when they put it together.”


The billionaire founder of Facebook has been suspected more than once both of links with alien lizards that secretly rule the Earth, and that he himself belongs to this extraterrestrial race. During a video conference he held with Facebook users in June 2016, he was asked point-blank if he was a reptile disguised as a human?

“The answer to that question is no,” Zuckerberg said. And after a pause, he added, licking his lips: “I’m not a lizard.” Calling the topic stupid, he moved on to answering other questions, but the audience noticed: talking about reptilians, Zuckerberg was clearly nervous.

The Facebook founder isn’t the only celebrity suspected of having ties to lizards. Belief in reptilians is not even a conspiracy theory, but rather a special view of the world, according to which a mysterious ancient race has ruled humanity for millennia.


Opinion polls show that about four percent of the US population believe in this. Although, of course, it is impossible to find out how seriously people answered the question “do you believe in reptilians?”

Why are reptilians so difficult to detect? The fact is that with the help of high-frequency vibrations they create holograms that mask their appearance in such a way that they cannot be distinguished from a person.

The intrigues of the ancient lizards can explain all the troubles of mankind. They are accused of everything from organizing the attack on the twin towers in New York to the emergence of the phenomenon of homosexuality.

For example, ufologist James Bartley has been investigating cases of abduction by reptilians for twenty years. And yes, he is sure that with the help of their extraordinary abilities, lizard aliens can influence a person’s sexual preferences and even turn him into a pedophile.

Adepts of the Reptilian cult usually believe that the Freemasons and the Illuminati are secret organizations of lizards, thanks to which they have infiltrated the highest echelons of human power. Now reptilians control all the most important social institutions of the world, disguised as kings, queens, famous politicians and other celebrities.

Deep roots

Not only Mark Zuckerberg was called to admit that he is a reptilian. In 2011, comedian Louis C.K. asked former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld the same question several times during his show, and he stubbornly refused to answer it.

Three years later, New Zealand Prime Minister John Kay had to explain himself on the same subject because a vigilant citizen filed a formal Freedom of Information Act request to that effect.

“As far as I know, I’m not a Reptilian,” Kay replied. – Faced with this request, I took an unusual step for myself: I visited not only the doctor, but also the veterinarian, and both confirmed that I was not a lizard. I have never flown in a spaceship, I have never been in space, and my tongue is not very long.

Aliens that take the form of animals and humans have been known in science fiction since at least the 1920s, and such an image is not uncommon in mythology. In addition, US citizens often report encounters with lizardmen.

But when did these mythical creatures interest ufologists? Most likely, this happened in 1967, after Canadian David Seawalt reported that five months ago he temporarily lost his memory on the way to a friend, and then the events of that day returned to him in a nightmare.

According to him, he was hypnotized, lifted aboard a flying saucer with an orange beam, and placed there on a table surrounded by computers. Some aliens, similar to crocodiles, took off his clothes and … What happened next, he could not describe, because it was too scary.

Hillary Clinton is also recognized as a reptilian


Other victims of the abduction of reptilians also appeared. For example, in 1978, an Italian spoke about this. However, more often than not, people in those days were abducted by “gray men” or tall skinny aliens.

Everything changed when in 1999 the book “The Biggest Secret” by David Icke, a former football player, sports commentator, and now a messiah, was published, designed to open the eyes of mankind to what a terrible and mysterious world we exist in.

He combined ufology, conspiracy theories, legends about ancient astronauts and alternative history into a single frightening narrative, in which the secret rulers of humanity play a key role, zombifying it and subordinating it to their will.

This is the order of the Illuminati, founded, according to Ike, by reptilians, aliens from another dimension, who are able to change their appearance. By the way, preferring to eat human flesh. And in general, people were created by this very race of Anunnaki lizards.

Icke was the first to announce that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is not a person.

“I have seen her sacrifice people, eat their flesh and drink their blood. When she reincarnates, her face becomes long, serpentine and pale,” he wrote.

And the queen is far from the only reptilian of royal blood. According to Hayk, the entire august family is non-humans.

Of course, social networks enthusiastically began to discuss which of the powerful of this world secretly wears scaly skin and hides a forked tongue in his mouth. Almost all celebrities have been recorded as reptilians, from politicians to pop stars – after all, it is they who fool the entire population of the Earth.

reptil 2

Vertical pupils

On the Internet, the reptilian conspiracy theory has become the most widespread. Of course, most often it’s just such ironic trolling. However, there are quite a few mentally unstable citizens for whom alien lizards are quite real, and YouTube is full of their products – just look at the number of reptilian videos.

Why are there so many? Maybe the Internet contributes to the development of mental illness? As psychologist Rob Brotherton, author of The Suspicious Mind, explains in an interview with Motherboard, all people tend to believe in at least one conspiracy theory in one way or another.

And the Internet has made especially active paranoids visible, providing them with a platform to express their thoughts in real time. Indeed, if earlier a conspiracy theorist had to at least write and publish a book, now it is enough to gather an appreciative audience on his blog and feed it with small posts or videos.

reptil 3


Seems like it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Trolls and lunatics – who else can care about the cult of reptilians? However, it has very real and rather sad consequences.

In the summer of 2017, members of the Internet sect of witnesses of the reptilians accused the American Barbara Rogers of being an alien lizard. A few days later, the woman called the police and said that she had shot her boyfriend, Stephen Mineo, because he asked to save him from such a shame.

Both Rogers and her boyfriend were followers of the cult of Sherry Shriner, who declared herself the granddaughter of King David and “a minister, prophet, ambassador, daughter and messenger of the Supreme Deity.” She claimed that the representatives of the “new world order” conspired with aliens and demons to enslave the world.

reptil 4

Most people want the surrounding reality to be simple, black and white – “they and us”, “good and evil”. And since the world is like this, it means that there must be forces of good and forces of evil, and as the latter, the conspiracy theorist sees specific individuals – be it Mark Zuckerberg or an ordinary girl.

The only problem is that it is difficult to get to a billionaire, and asking your beloved to shoot you, especially if she is in the same cult, is easy.


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