How technology will change the world in 20 years

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the prediction of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan, in 2040 people will be able to communicate with their pets, and that’s not all!

In 20 years, an era will come in which our real life and virtual reality will almost merge.

About 70% of this Ministry’s predictions have come true since it began issuing regular White Papers in the 1970s. In 1977, it predicted televisions that could be hung on the wall.

And in 1982 predicted the advent of mobile phones. On the other hand, for example, the drug to prevent cancer metastasis, which appeared in the White Paper prediction of 1977, has not yet become a reality.

Ministry experts say that by 2040 we will have a common human consciousness that will allow us to taste the food that another person eats.

It also speaks to the ability to have conversations with dogs and cats. People with disabilities will be able to experience things like skiing thanks to developments in virtual reality.

The document also says that heavy machinery operated by people in car factories and construction sites is likely to be automated.

Robots will grow fruits and vegetables on farms and harvest crops, while drones will be able to deliver them to shops and homes.

Among the authors of the document, you can see the Nobel Prize winner Akira Yoshino.


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