How sweets kill the brain

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(ORDO NEWS) — The brain consumes a huge amount of energy and draws it mainly from glucose. That is why, when you find it difficult to concentrate on a task and engage in mental work, it is recommended to eat “something sweet.”

However, the abuse of sugar, on the contrary, has an extremely negative effect on brain function. Read more about how sweets affect us in the Rambler material.

Impairs memory

If you regularly lean on sugar-containing foods, get ready for memory problems. Scientists conducted a study and found inflammation in the hippocampus of rats whose diet consisted mainly of sweets.

At the same time, rats that ate a balanced diet did not have such a problem.

Provokes bad mood

After studying the eating habits and mood of 23,000 respondents, the experts found a link between the love of sweets and a tendency to depression.

In addition, patients suffering from type II diabetes also admitted that when they have high blood glucose levels, they are more likely to experience sadness and anxiety.

Reduces IQ

If there is an increased level of glucose in the blood, this damages the blood vessels, which subsequently provokes other health problems.

Researchers followed long-term diabetic patients and found progressive brain damage. They are fraught with poor memory, learning problems and cognitive functions.


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