How smartphones are changing the human body

(ORDO NEWS) — Smartphones, which have become an integral part of our life, are perceived exclusively as helpers. At the distance of one swipe of your finger – communication with people around the world, the ability to use the Internet, watch videos and listen to music.

Staying in touch 24/7, we don’t even think that the gadget is changing us. And it’s not about moral and psychological problems, but about specific changes in our body. It seems that smartphones will be the cause of the next evolutionary changes in humans.

“External memory”

Japanese scientists are sounding the alarm that smartphones impair memory. When it is possible to find all the necessary information with the help of a gadget in a couple of clicks, then people gradually remember new information worse and have difficulty in isolating the key from a large array of data.

As the professor at the University of Tokyo Kuniyoshi Sakai notes, the habit of writing information into smartphones, tablets and computers is also harmful to humans. Research has shown that those who use a pad and pen to write have increased activity in the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and information processing.

So over time, a person’s “external memory”, if you call it that gadgets, will increasingly affect the work of the brain. This does not mean that you need to give up smartphones – just do not forget about the good old pen and paper.

Muscles and joints

The wider the spread of smartphones, tablets and laptops, the more patients with complaints of problems with the musculoskeletal system were among doctors. Neck pain, tension in the forearms, wrists and fingers – all suffer from the constant use of gadgets.

We sit, buried in the screen, straining our neck and spine. We are constantly holding smartphones in our hands, typing messages into them, endlessly scrolling through the feed of social networks. It is difficult to solve the problem, but it is possible – it is enough not to sit endlessly on the phone, straining the whole body, but to spend free time for physical activity.

Well, or choose accessories that can remind you to warm up or straighten up, as Amazfit promises to do with new headphones that monitor the user’s posture.

“Smartphone pinky”

Smartphones grow in size and become heavier, and in most cases one has to handle gadgets with one hand. In order not to drop expensive electronics, we change the grip and the devices begin to physically injure our little finger. There may even be a very noticeable dent that is similar to that of children when they improperly hold cutlery or writing utensils.

Over time, an injured little finger becomes a problem for the entire hand, damaging the nerves and ligaments. Simply because the human hand is not designed to hold on one little finger a rather heavy and uncomfortable object. You should try to change the position of the smartphone in your hand, not scroll the screen with just your thumb, and ideally hold the gadget with both hands.

The obvious harm of screens to the eyes, sleep problems due to light and flickering of displays and all kinds of mental difficulties like “missed event syndrome” and “phantom vibration syndrome” from smartphones and other gadgets are “supplemented” with quite tangible physical damage to the body. So, grabbing your smartphone next time, remember this and try to do something more useful to distract yourself from the gadget.


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