How scary coronavirus is for smokers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — “Smokers are less likely to become infected with coronavirus than non-smokers” – where did this controversial statement come from and how true it is, said Sputnik Radio, the head of the prevention department of the Oncology Research Center named after N.N. Blokhina Vladimir Levshin.

No doctor will say that smoking or any other bad habit can protect against coronavirus. The pandemic began not so long ago, scientists, of course, do not yet have all the information on COVID-19. But even without this, it can be said for sure that if a smoker with the experience nevertheless becomes infected with the virus, the consequences for his health will be much worse than for the body of a non-smoker, says Vladimir Levshin.

“Now fakes are popping up that supposedly smoking protects against coronavirus. This, of course, is nonsense. Smoking does not save from coronavirus, but rather aggravates the course of coronavirus infection through the diseases that smokers have. Any person who smokes for five to six years, at least it has chronic bronchitis. And in the presence of chronic bronchitis, the risk of pneumonia increases several times, ” Vladimir Levshin explained to Sputnik radio.

With all the evidence that smoking is not a protection against coronavirus, this fake is very tenacious, the oncologist emphasized.

“There are malicious smokers who cannot quit their addiction, although they tried to do it. They don’t want to seek qualified help. They don’t believe that they can quit. They have a lifelong addiction. And they come up with such things to justify “, – believes the head of the prevention department of the Oncological Scientific Center named after N.N. Blokhina Vladimir Levshin.

It is important to remember that smoking harms your health even without being tied to coronavirus. The use of tobacco and tobacco products can lead to cancer, which is worse than COVID-19.


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