How rich and poor people view the world: 8 differences

Millionaires are distinguished not only by large amounts in bank accounts, but also by a completely unique system of thinking / worldview.

(ORDO NEWS) — Millionaire Steve Siebold has been collecting data on the habits and behavior of wealthy people for 26 years. During this time, he met and spoke with many multimillionaires and billionaires. He outlined his findings in the book How the Rich Think.

The main thing that Siebold discovered is that the secret of wealth lies not in the mechanism of making money, but in the mindset that distinguishes rich people from everyone else. Here are eight of the biggest differences.

1. The rich believe that money is their right

Everyone else is convinced that wealth is a privilege.

Siebold writes: “World-class thinkers know that in capitalist countries they have the right to be rich if they are of great benefit to society.”

Ordinary people believe that only the lucky few can become rich. This difference in thinking makes them play the lottery and the would-be rich to work. The latter are sure that if they make the lives of those around them better, the wealth belongs to them by right.

2. The rich know their own business is the fastest way to make a fortune.

Everyone else is convinced that starting your own company is a risky business.

“The truth is, constantly working is no safer than your business. At first glance, this seems paradoxical, but self-employed people have the opportunity to look for additional sources of funds and increase income at their own discretion, ”says Siebold.

Of course, there are certain risks associated with starting a business, but millionaires know that the risk of not realizing their potential is much more dangerous. People with the minds of the wealthy start companies and make money on them, while everyone else prefers a stable salary and misses their chance to make millions.

“Most people guarantee their lives in constant need by staying at work with a modest salary indexed annually,” Siebold adds.

3. The rich understand that savvy is the key to success.

Everyone else is convinced that it takes a lot of study to make a fortune.

Siebold writes: “If highs in high school were the key to wealth, every college graduate who graduated with honors would be a millionaire. However, the state depends more on common sense than on the ability to memorize information and pass exams successfully.”

How to develop intelligence in yourself? Try to look into the heads of rich people and find out what they think and how they manage their money.

4. The rich believe in teamwork

Everyone else is convinced that making a fortune is an individual process.

“Millionaires know that a reliable team is essential in life, and they focus on finding talented people who can help bring ideas and plans to life. The greatest fortunes are created by the combined mental and physical efforts of people, ”writes Siebold.

He argues that wealth depends to a large extent on our environment.

5. The rich know it’s easy to make money

All the rest are sure that every ruble is hard to come by.

Siebold writes: “People have always believed that the rich are smarter, more educated, or luckier. Of course, these are delusions. “

The rich know that money comes from ideas and problem solving. The more successful the decision, the higher the reward. Millionaires don’t have any special secrets. The vast majority of people are hindered only by their limiting beliefs.

6. The rich understand that in order to get rich, you need to think

Everyone else is convinced that money is earned through hard, tedious work.

Siebold explains that the middle class thinks linearly about money: the only way to increase income is to work harder. He’s writing:

“The rich know that you need to think about big money in a non-linear way. Creative thinking is valued the most in the world. To make big money, train your mind to seek solutions to complex problems. ”

7. The rich believe that money is freedom

Everyone else is convinced that money is a limitation.

“Wealthy people see money as a creative tool that expands the range of opportunities for them and their families,” says Siebold.

In contrast, ordinary people regard money as a “great oppressor.” For the rich, money is a critical resource that opens up endless opportunities. The poor demonize and deny their importance. With this attitude, it’s no wonder they are poor.

8. The rich work for self-expression.

Everyone else is working for the money.

Siebold says, “Millionaires know that working solely for money is the worst strategy for creating wealth.”

He advises not to look for a job with the highest salary, but to look for an occupation with the greatest creative potential. When you find such an occupation, put all your heart and soul into it to become one of the best specialists in your field. For this you will be rewarded with extraordinary wealth.


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