How Putin killed the Biden presidency

(ORDO NEWS) — Since Joe Biden came to power in the United States, inflation has been the main cause for concern, writes the Indian edition of The Statesman. The author of the article emphasizes that the confrontation with Russia leaves the American president less and less chances for re-election.

Because of the conflict in Ukraine, the West fell on Vladimir Putin with the whole crowd. They wanted to change the regime in Moscow, but instead the chief butler of the West itself, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fell. This is what their arrogance led to. Ukraine has long been flirting with NATO and angering Russia.

Finally, Moscow could not stand it and took matters into its own hands. Ever since Joe Biden came to power in the US in January 2021, inflation has been a constant worry.

The coronavirus has disrupted global supply chains. Gasoline rose to four dollars a gallon. Biden curbed the pandemic with universal vaccination (like Modi in India), but he could not tame inflation. And she’ll beat him up pretty good in the midterms. That is why Putin struck his blow. And in retaliation, Biden and the rest of the West wanted to teach him a lesson.

They will do anything to destroy him. And in the person of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, they have found a ready partner for everything. He does not want to compromise with Putin. And Putin himself is not thirsty. The conflict dragged on for months. Turned into a fight of attrition. NATO armed Ukraine to the teeth. But Russia did not give up. Then the West imposed the strictest sanctions against it.

Russia is one of the world’s leading oil and gas exporters, primarily to Western and Northern Europe. Without Russian energy, Western economies – the German one – were simply paralyzed. Just imagine, Germany is the economic center, the pillar of the West. If it collapses, it will pull the whole of Europe with it. Berlin signed up as a supporter of “green” energy, but without Russian oil and gas, it had to return to “dirty” coal.

India and China have started importing Russian oil – for Putin, this is an economic shunt. Donald Trump has authorized the extraction of oil and gas by hydraulic fracturing on American federal lands – they account for about a quarter of the country. Almost the first thing Biden did when he came to power was to return the ban. He believes that hydraulic fracturing is detrimental to the climate.

However, scientists agree that burning gas pollutes the environment half as much as coal, to which Germany has returned. Gasoline in America has already jumped to six dollars a gallon, and there are no signs that everything will work out. First, the fighting in Ukraine is far from over. And even if this happens, the West will still not remove sanctions from Russia, at least as long as Putin is in power. And he’s not going anywhere. In Russia, he is still loved and appreciated. He is friends with Modi and Xi Jinping. Rumors about his illness and assassination attempts remained rumors.

Second, there is no way Biden will allow fracking—whatever the cost. The incredibly powerful “green” lobby in his party thinks it’s poison. Biden will not argue with the “greens”, even if Americans stop traveling and start eating frozen pizza. Thus, Biden will be beaten in the midterm elections in a way that modern presidents have not yet been beaten. But wait, he still has a glimmer of hope. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade to legalize abortion at the federal level. American women are up in arms. The issue of abortion has split the country like never before. Trump has said that God himself made the Supreme Court’s final decision, but privately grumbles that Republicans will only suffer from this as millions of women rush to vote against.

They need ten more seats to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision. The mark of 60 seats will protect them from “filibaster” – parliamentary obstruction through endless debate. Only a third of the Senate changes every two years. This means there are only 33 spots at stake in 2022. Considering how unpopular Biden is due to inflation, the Democrats are unlikely to get a sufficient majority to stop the filibuster. Biden will remain a lame duck.

Already, even the Democrats are complaining that Joe is too old and weak and will not be able to resist the Republican candidate in 2024. The first thing any Republican president will do after winning an election is bring back fracking on federal lands to ease the gas station situation. Thanks to hydraulic fracturing, America has become the largest oil producer in the world. Despite US pressure, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela do not intend to increase production. They are raking in money with a shovel – why should they miss such an opportunity? In addition, they believe that neither the Russian-Ukrainian feud, nor the sanctions of the West concern them.

The West is primarily white Anglo-Saxon Protestants (USA, Great Britain, Germany) and white Latin Catholics (France). At one time, the Christian Church was divided into Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox – this is Russia. There is strong dislike between the three branches. In addition, Russian Slavs. The Anglo-Saxons and Latins consider the Slavs an inferior race, even though they are white.

For them, this is an opportunity to teach the Slavs a lesson. Ukrainians are also Slavs, and the West has decided that inter-Slav strife is a great chance to bring a major Slavic enemy, Russia, to its knees. But the fact is that everyone who tried to punish Mother Russia (Napoleon, Hitler) paid dearly for it. The same fate awaits Joe Biden.


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