How pneumatics differs from traumatic and airsoft weapons

(ORDO NEWS) — Interest in weapons has accompanied people throughout the history of mankind. There are many reasons that encourage people to be interested in buying it, developing at least basic skills in handling it.

A professional need, a need for self-defense, or simply an interest in popular paramilitary games – paintball, airsoft, hardball.

Nevertheless, the differences between its types – traumatic, pneumatic, airsoft – are significant. They affect both the design and principle of its operation, as well as the scope of application.

Pneumatic and airsoft guns: similarities and differences

How pneumatics differs from traumatic and airsoft weapons 1

The most obvious, conspicuous similarity between airsoft and pneumatic weapons is external. This is no coincidence.

Despite the fact that airsoft is only an imitation of military operations, the effect of complete immersion is created for the players. Therefore, the equipment of the player, the weapons used by him are made in such a way that they are indistinguishable from the real ones in terms of appearance and weight.

Pneumatic and airsoft equipment also has a similar principle of operation. The shot occurs under the influence of air (the exception is models with an electric drive, which cocks the trigger spring, which increases the rate of fire, reduces power). The differences between the models can be summarized as follows:

  • Pneumatic weapons are designed to use cylindrical metal bullets, as well as steel balls. Airsoft bullets are made of plastic. This allows you to minimize injuries during the game, the purpose of which is not to harm the opponent
  • Caliber, the power of a shot of an airgun is much higher than that of an airsoft gun. The same can be said about the range of the shot, its aiming range
  • The accuracy of shooting from pneumatic weapons exceeds that of airsoft guns
  • The acquisition and subsequent storage of airsoft equipment does not require a license. The reason is that from a legal point of view, an airsoft gun is not one (it is worth noting that the same rule applies to some types of airsoft guns)

Pneumatic and traumatic

How pneumatics differs from traumatic and airsoft weapons 2

In the broadest sense, pneumatic equipment differs from traumatic equipment in that the former is mainly used either for entertainment or for hunting. The second can be safely attributed to the category of firearms. Use for various purposes, including for self-defense.

The list of differences between the two weapons is as follows:

  • Pneumatic weapons most often do not require special permission and licenses. For a traumatic pistol, the presence of documents is mandatory
  • Bullet material is also different. For traumatics, this is rubber with a metal core, and for pneumatics, aluminum and iron
  • The harm that a pneumatic weapon can cause to a person is minimal. While using a traumatic one can inflict serious injuries on the attacker; death is also not excluded
  • The price of weapons of various types also varies greatly – according to statistics, traumatic ones are much more expensive and can reach up to several thousand dollars. Pneumatics are much cheaper

What are the advantages of each weapon type?

In order to choose the optimal type of weapon, you need to consider the basic features of each of them.

Airsoft weapons are unlikely to carry any load other than entertaining and partly training; use it for the purpose of hunting or self-defense is impossible. However, it cannot be called completely safe – careless handling can lead to injury.

At low temperatures, it can fail, which entails additional difficulties. The use of airsoft guns also requires careful site selection in order to minimize the risk of injury to bystanders.

How pneumatics differs from traumatic and airsoft weapons 2

Pneumatic guns:

  • In most cases, they look like copies of combat ones
  • The initial speed of the projectile is 100-200 m/s
  • A simple design allows you to make changes to it and, if necessary, improvements
  • Pistol mechanisms are simple and highly reliable
  • In the event of a breakdown or failure, they can be repaired

However, low-cost materials like plastic are often used to make air pistols, which degrades their quality. Many models also lack the ability to adjust the scope.

It is not capable of causing significant harm to health (the shot does not violate the value of the skin), which limits the possibility of using it for self-defense.

How pneumatics differs from traumatic and airsoft weapons 3

Traumatic in design and scope are even closer to combat pistols. It also has a number of significant advantages:

  • The ability to choose between models of various modifications (in particular – gas, blinding, signal, lighting, light and sound)
  • Simple design greatly simplifies the maintenance process
  • The trigger mechanism of the pistol has a double action
  • Range is from 15 m
  • Due to the functionality can be used for self-defense

The disadvantages are low kinetic energy (especially for models with a short barrel), high price, reaching up to several thousand dollars, a magazine that holds a small number of cartridges. In addition, the purchase requires a holster and a high-quality safe.

How pneumatics differs from traumatic and airsoft weapons 4

The key difference between weapons is its purpose. Each of the types is adapted to solve problems of one category or another – entertaining, defensive, training.


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