How people will be able to read minds in the future

(ORDO NEWS) –Currently, there is no technology that can read people’s minds. However, in the future, special devices may appear that will be able to assess what a person is thinking. The conditions for this were announced to by the representative of i-BrainTech Gennady Kovalenko within the framework of the Cyberreality project.

“Although mind reading in the usual sense of the word is not possible, neurotechnology can record the bioelectrical activity of the brain. If a suitable mathematical apparatus appears that will decode this activity, we will be able to determine how a patient suffering from locked-in person syndrome reacts to certain stimuli – for example, to tablets with letters.

This way we will be able to understand what a person who is deprived of the ability to speak and move is thinking about, ”the specialist explained.

In his opinion, people will be skeptical about neural interfaces connected directly to the brain for a long time to come: “Not every person will agree to open his own brain.” However, neural interfaces are already helping to recover from severe injuries and strokes.

However, Kovalenko recalled that a non-invasive technology already exists, which does not require a complex operation to implant a chip, but which allows recording the bioelectric activity of the brain and decrypting it using artificial intelligence. These signals can be used to control prostheses or to immerse a person in a gaming virtual environment.

The Cyberreality project is dedicated to how high technologies are changing the lives of Russians and humanity in general. He talks about how developments that seemed fantastic a few years ago are now providing safety, helping people in everyday life, saving lives, expanding the horizons of people with disabilities and caring for the elderly.


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