How much money is needed for happiness

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(ORDO NEWS) — Money can’t buy happiness! Happiness is not about money – how many times have you heard that? Million? Scientists from the United States have finally refuted these quotes. Moreover, they managed to figure out how much money is needed in order for a person to feel happy.

A very interesting study was carried out in America. Scientists have been trying to figure out how the amount of money affects the level of happiness. Unfortunately, no one was given money during research work. The work consisted of interviewing people.

The results are that higher incomes contribute to higher levels of happiness. However, after reaching a specific amount. Money ceases to please a person. This figure is different in each country.

To calculate this very amount, a survey was conducted among 1.7 million people. Also, data on income of the population in 164 countries of the world were studied. It turned out that billions are not needed. For emotional happiness, 75 thousand dollars is enough. USA. And to feel like an absolutely happy person, you need only 95 thousand dollars per year for 1 person.

The explanation for this conclusion is quite simple. Each of us first of all wants to cover basic needs: home, food, rest, health. Absolutely none of the respondents dreamed of a yacht, a helicopter and 50-carat diamonds.

The expression “There is never a lot of money” is so relevant, because it is customary to share happiness with other people!


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