How many people do you need to create an autonomous colony on Mars?

(ORDO NEWS) — French mathematician Jean-Marc Salotti presented the results of a study predicting the smallest number of settlers on Mars, which could ensure the creation of a self-sufficient community.

The number to which the scientist came is 110 fearless researchers, able to fit in a pair of future SpaceX spacecraft.

Jean-Marc Salotti focused his attention not on the fact of transporting passengers to another planet, but on the ability of specialists to collaborate for the overall survival and development of the settlement.

Working commune

Salotti’s study, published in the June issue of Scientific Reports, looks rather complicated, but the end result is a simple graph showing that a colony of 110 people can handle any task. They will be able to successfully achieve goals that will benefit the group as a whole. For example, build enterprises for the extraction of drinking water or the processing of resources.

Martian colony

“If each of the settlers was on his own, then it took too much time to achieve the goals. They wouldn’t have time for anything, ”explained Salotti in the study.

Small step

Of course, there are many problems that need to be solved before people can populate Mars, but Jean-Marc Salotti believes that such models will help space agencies better work out plans, bringing them closer to their cherished goal.

“This method allows you to choose a strategy for survival in an unfavorable place and achieve success in colonization,” concluded the scientist.


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