How many maximum dinosaurs lived on Earth at the same time?

(ORDO NEWS) — Admittedly, it is extremely difficult to calculate the exact population of these large reptiles, since we have a very limited fossil record.

However, there are some factors that, coupled with human logic, will help to find an approximate answer.

So, about a thousand different types of dinosaurs are known that inhabited the Earth in approximately one historical period.

We cannot directly measure the size of dinosaur populations because we do not know what percentage of fossils have survived to this day.

But we know that in the 18th century there were about 20 million bison in America, whose population growth was limited by such deterrents as predators, human hunters and a finite amount of vegetation.

Dinosaurs were laying hens, which means they multiplied much faster. Only here the conditions on the Earth of that era, about 70 million years ago, were much harsher than in the 18th century, so there were noticeably more factors hindering the growth of populations.

Based on this, it can be assumed – with a tangible error – that the maximum number of dinosaurs living on Earth at the same time is comparable to the number of bison individuals of the 18th century. That is about 20 million individuals.


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