How long can children get sick with coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Denmark conducted a study of children who had recovered from the coronavirus and came to the conclusion that the “long” COVID-19 — the persistence of coronavirus symptoms for more than four weeks after the acute phase of the disease — can persist in this age group for six months.

The study involved 30 thousand children, 50% of the participants were ill with coronavirus, and the remaining 50% were in the control group.

It turned out that 17.6% of preschoolers – children under 5 years old – experienced coronavirus symptoms for more than four weeks; among schoolchildren – children from 6 to 17 years old – 28.2% of participants had such complaints.

In the control group, 14.8% of preschoolers and 27.2% of schoolchildren experienced various unpleasant symptoms of covid for more than four weeks.

Scientists note that such conditions appear because children may have long-term painful manifestations associated not only with coronavirus, but also with a number of concomitant diseases and complications, as well as psychological factors.

“In most cases, the symptoms of ‘long-term’ COVID-19 resolve within one to five months,” the researchers stressed in the report.


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