How Islam influenced Christianity

(ORDO NEWS) — How many of you know what impact Islam has had on Christianity? This is not spoken about either in the seminary or in any other school. Yet Islam has shaped Christianity in a way that few people know or suspect. If you look at the Catholic Church in our time, it seems quite lost in terms of its political future.

For example, in the USA it is a “buckle on a Bible belt,” and if you unbutton it, the church pants will go down to the ankles. In Islam, it is believed that the widest gateway to modern society is the gateway to the Church, since the Church for the most part does not oppose Islam, does not resist it.

And in fact, they will be Christian priests who will engage in dialogue with Muslims who assure them that they love Christians. But as soon as a Christian turns his back on them, Islamic theologians begin to ignore the fact that Christians are annihilated every day in African countries and the Middle East. Now there is a lot of talk about refugees from Syria, but in the USA and Western European countries they do not mention that there are quite a large number of Christians among those who fled.

None of the politicians and Christian leaders there exert political pressure to help them. In the US and in the West, only Muslim refugees are spoken of. Muslims, in turn, act together as a single whole. Now in the United States there is an Islamic organization, the OIC, which determines who will come to the United States. At the same time, the church just lets go of kind smiles.

But why do Christian leaders do this? It turns out that there are some reasons for this, which lead to the very beginning of Islam. These factors shaped the Church that we see today in ancient times. So why did she become so timid today? Why did Islam come to dominate? After all, North Africa used to be Christian, including Iraq, Persia, Egypt.

All these countries were much more Christian than they are now. But how did this happen? The creation of Islamic lands forces the Church today to be timid and ignorant, unwilling to learn. Many of you are well aware that the Roman Empire collapsed when the Germanic tribes invaded its lands.

Some classical civilizations began to disappear. Rome collapsed. But the Byzantine Empire, which was centered in Constantinople, which now belongs to Turkey, began to gain political strength again. 25 years after Muhammad’s death, Islamic incursions into Christendom began again.

There have been quite a few conquests in 100 years. Archaeological excavations help clarify the details. Research was carried out not only on land, but also under the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Scholars have translated many ancient documents. They contain quite a lot of facts about the relationship between Islam and Christianity.

A total of 548 battles took place between these two religions. And the maps created from them show how Islam spread in space and time. For 1200 years there have been losses and human misery. The spread of Islam began immediately across the Mediterranean. Many, speaking of jihad, represent the struggle in the desert, but historical documents show that Muslims perfectly mastered the war at sea.

They began to use the conquered Mediterranean lands for their bases, from which they began to seize European territory. In Spain alone, about 200 battles took place, and the battles were merciless. Muhammad himself participated in hundreds of jihad battles for 9 years.

These battles destroyed classical civilizations: Persian, Greek, Roman. The tribe of Jazim Khalid was destroyed in the 7th century. A large number of Christians were killed in the Battle of Olais, and many Christian women were sexually abused. Then came the conquest of Jerusalem by Umar. There, Muslims destroyed Christians, Jews, dhimmi. During the execution, the sword of Allah was used.

This was done back in the days of Muhammad. After the battle, the losing leader was put before Khalid and his head was cut off. The blood of the executed was to be absorbed into the ground. Then, on the ground, sprinkled with the blood of the defeated leader, his wife was raped. In the battle of Olayde, all captured soldiers were executed in this way.

Their heads were chopped off in a dry river bed. Blood flowed like a river over the dry bottom. Then Islam turned its gaze to the east. Muslims attacked India. There were killed 26 thousand Indians. In Armenia, adherents of Islam burned Christians right in the church, and in Greek Ephesus 7 thousand Greeks fell into Muslim slavery. It was in the Golden Age.

So the IX century can hardly be called Golden. Then Islamic warriors destroyed all kafirs, non-Muslims. By order of the Khalifa, all new churches in Armenia and Greece were destroyed. The Christians of Egypt in the 9th century staged a revolt against the Gizian tax. In the Golden Age, 22,000 Christians were enslaved in Thessalonica, and 30,000 non-Muslims were killed by Muslims in Seville.

In the 11th century, 6,000 Jews were killed in Morocco, hundreds of Jews in Cordoba and 4,000 in Granada. In Hindustan, Muslims killed 15 thousand people, and about half a million fell into slavery. In the next century, Jews were forcibly converted to Islam in Yemen. Those who refused were killed.

Many cities in India were destroyed by Muslims, there was also a forcible conversion to Islam. In the 13th century, 50,000 Hindus were converted to Muslims.

At that time, slavery was an advantage of Islam. In the XIV century, riots broke out in Cairo, as a result of which a large number of churches were burned. Tamerlane in India killed 30 thousand people in cold blood. He systematically destroyed Christians as well. The Islamists took over Constantinople.

They completely destroyed the Nestorian and Jacobite churches in the Middle East. These were very ancient churches. Islam completely changed Christianity in the 17th century. In Yemen and Persia, there was widespread forced conversion of Christians to Islam. The Muslims also persecuted the Zoroastrians. In the 19th century, Muslims killed 250,000 Armenian Christians in Turkey. But for some reason, many Christians today do not remember this? Christians were killed simply because they were Christians. And this lasted for many centuries. In the Middle Ages, Muslims completely controlled the Mediterranean. They hunted all Christian ships.

Europe at that time was poor and suffered from epidemics of the black death. Then about 90% of the Christian trade collapsed. These were three dark ages in European history. They also left a large number of ruins in North Africa. Now there is a desert. Previously, Christians there were engaged in agriculture, and after the invasion of Islam, everything was destroyed.

At that time, the Islamists were not engaged in agriculture. They destroyed 90% of the African economy. Although some in Europe disagree. After that, Christianity changed. So the well-known Crusades were also caused by the atrocities of Muslims in the Middle East.


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