How insomnia affects the brain

(ORDO NEWS) — People suffer from insomnia for various reasons. Some still cannot recover from the coronavirus, others cannot sleep due to nerves.

However, despite the causes of insomnia, its consequences are the same for everyone. The material is about how insomnia affects the brain.

Scientists have found that the brain of people suffers the most 15-20 years after insomnia. The study was conducted by analysts from Finland.

In total, almost 4 thousand people from 55 to 77 years old took part in the study. About 80% of the participants were female.

It is worth noting that only non-working pensioners, as well as those who quit due to disability, participated in the study.

Participants were asked questions about the number of hours of sleep, problems waking up, feeling tired, and nocturnal awakenings. As a result, the researchers divided the responses into three categories.

The first category, “short sleep,” included people who slept less than six hours. In the second “medium sleep” – 6-8 hours, and in the third “long sleep” – more than 8 hours.

Participants were then asked questions about how their brains work.

They were asked about how well they could focus, how quickly they learned new things, and how well their memory worked in general. As answers, they rated their skills on a five-point scale.

As a result, scientists found that the earlier and longer insomnia lasts, the worse the cognitive abilities of people in the future.

Those who slept “medium sleep” had much less problems with memory and concentration than those who slept “short sleep”.

The researchers are confident that insomnia should be treated as early as the first symptoms of the disease and urged to take the lack of sleep seriously.

One of the authors of the study explained that during sleep, the brain continues to work, but does it differently.

Sleep helps the brain process and reinforce new memories, and this is also related to the cognitive functions of the brain.


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