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How global warming will change the appearance of people

How global warming will change the appearance of people

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have described how the appearance of people will change due to the onset of global warming. Research results on this topic have been published by the Egyptian publication Sasapost.

As noted, according to the theory of evolution, any living species must change in order to survive in changing natural conditions. The current global warming is not an exception, according to some scientists.

Biologist Sarah Riding, one of the authors of the study titled “Climate Warming Is Forcing Animals to Change,” said climate change, as well as global warming, has accelerated the rate of adaptation of animals. She cites the beak size of some species of Australian parrots as an example. According to her, it has increased by 10% since 1871.

Biologists have also documented changes in European mice and masked shrews. Their limbs and other parts of the body have increased in size.

Scientists believe that warming will increase the production of melanin in humans, the pigment “responsible” for the color of the skin, hair and eyes. There will be more of it, because of which the appearance of people should become darker over time.

Climate will also change the size of the human body and brain, according to a Cambridge University study cited by Sasapost. According to an analysis of fossils from around the world, the average size of the human body and brain has previously fluctuated constantly. So, the cold increased them in size, the heat, on the contrary, reduced them.

The researchers believe that due to the current global warming, the human body and brain will again become smaller. Cambridge also believes that people in the future will face problems with memory and speech, learning difficulties and, in general, a decrease in cerebral


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