How e-cigarettes affect the brain, heart, lungs and colon

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine (USA) have found that daily vaping can damage the condition of many organs, including the heart, lungs, and colon. Electronic cigarettes also affect the body’s response to infections.

As part of a study published in eLife, scientists have studied for the first time how JUUL brand devices and their flavors (mint and mango flavors) affect the internal organs.

During the experiment, specialists three times a day for three months had an effect with JUUL flavored aerosols on young mice. Next, the experts began to look for signs of inflammation in animals.

How e cigarettes affect the brain heart lungs and colon 2

It turned out that electronic cigarettes had the strongest effect on the brain. Several inflammatory markers were elevated in it.

The functioning of some areas of the brain has also changed: for example, the nucleus accumbens, which is responsible for motivation and reward processing. In fact, these are very disturbing results, since inflammation in this area is associated with depression, anxiety, and the desire to escape from reality.

In addition, there were more inflammatory genes in the colon, especially a month after exposure to cigarettes. This may increase the risk of developing diseases of the stomach and intestines.

In the heart, on the contrary, the level of inflammatory markers decreased. But because of this, heart tissue can become more vulnerable to various infections.

In the lungs, changes in gene expression were noticeable, and this issue still requires further study.

Also, the reaction of each organ to each of the flavors of the vape was different. For example, the hearts of mice that inhaled mint aerosol were more susceptible to developing bacterial pneumonia than those exposed to mango-flavored steam.


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