How do US sailors eat on submarines

(ORDO NEWS) — The life of a US Navy submariner is not easy. These sailors live for months in a steel tube floating through icy water, surrounded by explosives, flammable materials and even nuclear weapons.

In peacetime, they risk getting into terrible accidents. In wartime, they risk being destroyed by enemy ships and helicopters.

Is your diet similar to that of American submariners?

But judging by the 2004 book Submarine Kitchen, which was apparently commissioned by the Submarine Research Center at the US Naval Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington, they eat great. Royal, to be honest.

It details life on submarines during the Second World War, there are interesting notes about the work of a cook on board a submarine, how food is loaded, stored and prepared … It also lists the types of dishes that crews can get submarines.

On modern American submarines, the crew eats three meals a day throughout their patrol, which can go weeks or even months without resupply.

The ubiquitous food distributor Sysco supplied food for Pacific Fleet submarines, and King’s Bay supplied food for East Coast submarines.

In fast submarines, food is lowered into the submarine at the port by hand, one container at a time. On submarines with ballistic missiles, the power descends through the hole in the emergency barrel with the help of a crane in aluminum modules two or three meters wide.

How do US sailors eat on submarines 2

The book also contains recipes for sauces, common dishes for breakfast on board the submarine: in particular, it indicates that the assortment of divers includes beaten eggs, corned beef and cabbage, roast in a ginger pot and fried chicken.

Naturally, sea bean soup is also on the list of recipes. The list ends with desserts including cherry pie, rice pudding and baked apples.

A sailor mistakenly wrecked a $2.9 billion nuclear submarine. He forgot to close the hatch!

Underwater Kitchen explores the role of a cook aboard a submarine, one of the most service-oriented professions on a U.S. Navy submarine.

Submarine cooks are constantly forced to cook and clean, keep to their own schedules, and meet their monthly food budget. It is important to maintain order in the eating area (that is, the dining room). During non-working hours, the eating area is used by the crew for training.


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