How did the Romans greet and say goodbye?

(ORDO NEWS) — In order to say hello in ancient Rome , it was enough to say Salve (when referring to one person) or Salvete if you needed to greet a group of people.

In addition, the widely used phrase Ave could also be used. Thus, Salve and Ave can be translated simply as “Hello”.

In order to say goodbye to one person, you had to say Vale, and if you had to say goodbye to several people, then it was appropriate to use Valete.

If you want to pronounce these words just like the Romans did, then the letter “v” should be read as “w”.

  • Ave-Awe;
  • Salve-Salwe;
  • Salvete-Salwete;
  • Vale–Wale;
  • Walet – Walet.


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