How daily habits reveal our weaknesses

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) —  We rarely think of our daily habits and lifestyle as something unnatural or having a hidden meaning. However, in reality they can tell a lot of interesting things about our complex personality. If we studied this issue and could unravel the secret of the people around us, judging only by their eating habits, for example, and they did the same for us, then probably we would no longer want to meet each other.

Are you a green fan?

A new study by Kendal Skin, director of the Department of Psychology at Loyola University of New Orleans, showed that a person’s eating habits influence his behavior and moral principles. In particular, there is a difference between those who love delicious food, especially meat and fatty foods, or, on the contrary, prefer exclusively organic food of non-animal origin that does not contain hormones and pesticides.

Although organic food is often marketed, appealing to ethical standards of consumers, such as safety, health and safety of life, the environment, this does not interfere with research and study the behavior of those who seek to limit themselves to organic food. According to the results of these studies, a person who prefers organic products is not inclined to help strangers in need, although he more strongly condemns the moral qualities of people compared to those who are used to eating inorganic food.

In other words, the purchase and consumption of organic food can push many to assert themselves through their morality and create the feeling that they are already doing enough. In turn, this reduces their desire to be useful to others, which resembles the feeling that we experience after many kilometers of jogging in the gym – as if now we have every right to eat pizza with cheese.

The last one to leave the table

Returning to the topic of food, we can recall the true adage “you are what you eat,” but it’s better to talk about how we eat.

According to the research of one American institute, we can draw the following conclusions about a person based on his eating habits: usually a person who eats slowly, swallows one piece of food at a time, and also leaves the dinner table last, is more inclined to value life, loves control and is trusted. Moreover, a slow meal enhances the feeling of satiety, which in its turn gives you more pleasure from eating.

As for the person who quickly eats up his portion, immediately cleans up and takes the dishes away before everyone else has finished eating, then most likely this is an ambitious person who knows his goals well and is open to new experiences. His eating speed indicates his overall pace of life and striving for the best.

How do you wash?

If you like to take a hot shower, do not tell anyone, because scientists believe that such people often compensate for the lack of emotional warmth by raising the temperature of the water during a shower. In other words, the more a person spends in a bathtub full of steam, the sooner this indicates a deep feeling of loneliness.

And what about those who like to take a cold shower? Studies published in the journal by the National Library of Medicine of the United States show that such people are stubborn and selfish, do not listen to the opinions of others, if it is different, and never agree with it.

Moreover, according to studies, lonely people more often take a shower or bath than others.

Do you keep your mail for two years?

Some people can be better recognized by paying attention to what they do with emails sent to them, as well as text messaging. Those who quickly delete messages control their life and actions better, while those who accumulate a thousand unread and undeletable messages usually act spontaneously, although we can think differently.

A person in whose mailbox you will find only four letters immediately takes action with respect to each message received: he reads it and answers if necessary, then deletes it as unnecessary or stores it in a specially designated folder.

Psychology researcher Larry Rosen believes that such a person is also very nervous if he does not check his mail for a long time, and his condition worsens when he finally opens it and finds a very large number of unread letters in it.

A person who stores all his messages without deleting or reading them does this in order to feel secure. This gives him confidence that he will be able to find letters if he suddenly needs them. Otherwise, he experiences insecurity, which is not easy for him to withstand.

Finally, you need to understand that the email management strategy you choose is highly dependent on your profession.


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