How China makes money off ghosts

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, there is a demand for a non-standard service – checking housing for ghosts, according to the South China Morning Post.

Just do not think that we are talking about researching some kind of paranormal phenomena. No, the purpose of the work is completely different – to prove that there is nothing otherworldly in the room and that one can live there.

Houses with a dark past

The fact is that the inhabitants of Asian countries are quite serious about the history of real estate, and many of them also believe in otherworldly forces.

So, it is difficult to sell a house or apartment if some kind of misfortune happened there, for example, someone did not die a natural death. It is generally accepted that such housing will bring failure.

As a rule, such objects are sold at a price significantly lower than the market price. At the same time, say, in Hong Kong, realtors have no right to hide this kind of information from potential buyers.

24 hours in a suicide’s apartment

As for China, the topic of “ghost testing” became popular after watching a 24-hour stream of a blogger from Suzhou (Jiangsu province). It was about the sale of an apartment put up for online auction, the former owner of which committed suicide.

Although its market value was announced to be 2.2 million yuan ($ 345,000), the auction organizers set a starting price of 1.2 million yuan ($ 188,000).

To sell the property, the heirs hired a freelancer who agreed to spend a day in the suicide’s apartment for a fee and show that there were no supernatural entities there. But, despite all the efforts of the blogger and tens of thousands of views, buyers never showed up.

Ungrateful labor

It is reported that such “inspectors” are usually paid yuan ($ 0.16) per minute spent in a suspicious dwelling. The customers of the service are most often the owners themselves, real estate agents, and sometimes potential buyers.

According to former serviceman Zhang, who recently started this business, the daily income of such a “ghost hunter” can be up to 1,400 yuan ($ 220), which is a pretty good sum.

However, this is not easy bread: orders are rarely received, and customers require a freelancer they hired to check every corner of the home. While he is working, they are closely watching him via video link.

“This is a very narrow market, and it is not suitable for full-time employment, only as a part-time job,” Zhang comments.

Besides, if you think logically, is there any point in such work? After all, if otherworldly forces exist, we cannot predict how they will behave in a given situation.

With a hired freelancer, everything can be calm in the house, and when the real owners move in there, it is here that the poltergeist will fully manifest itself! Why not?


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