How can you reduce or raise your energy

(ORDO NEWS) — On a purely physical level, the human body consists of various tissues, blood, lymph, and so on.

But we all know that we have what we call “vitality” or “energy” that manifests itself in our sensations. Sometimes we are literally bursting with something from the inside, and we feel that we can move mountains. And in other situations, we feel that something has gone from us, and we do not have the strength to do anything at all.

In modern materialistic medicine, there is no term describing that it can “fill” or “leave” us.

But this is in other countries with ancient development experience. In India this is called the energy of “prana”, in China it is called the energy of “qi”.

How can you reduce or raise your energy

It is believed that this energy exists in varying quantities in the air and within us. We create this energy within ourselves as we digest food. And we capture it from the air in the process of breathing or other special practices.

At one time the existence of this energy was also recognized in our country, and it was called “ether”. But, since it was not possible to prove the existence of the ether by objective methods, today this term has disappeared from scientific circulation.

But this energy has not disappeared anywhere only because scientists have not yet been able to prove its existence. We all feel it on ourselves, and we strive to have more of it.

Where do we get life energy

There are many sources from which we receive our vitality.

For example, these are radiation of objects of living nature. You clearly had to feel the state when the chest is literally filled with delight at the sight of the beautiful creations of Nature. Or the creations of human hands and talents, but this delight usually dries up quickly.

The sun also provides us not only with warmth, but also with vitality. In northern camps, where the sun is not visible for six months, or even more, people sometimes have a depressive state of low energy. Therefore, those who have money and opportunities fly away at the first opportunity to warm up and recharge in warm countries.

Where else do we get the vitality?

First of all, it is breathing. We draw air and the prana it contains into our lungs, and exhale, leaving some of this energy with us. That is, by changing at least a little the mode of our breathing, we can increase the flow of energy remaining in our body.

Then we get energy from food. To do this, we need to load the “inner furnace” with food three or even more times a day. And the amount of energy that the body can extract from it depends on what this food will be.

Then sleep . When we sleep, the expenditure of our energy decreases, that is, it becomes less than we receive at this moment from the assimilation of food and from breathing. Therefore, there is an accumulation of vitality, which we will then spend in the waking state. If you chronically do not get enough sleep, then the internal energy resources begin to deplete, and the body can break down and get sick.

Then exercise . When you put stress on the muscles of your body, they increase energy consumption, and the body begins to absorb it from the air more intensively. Some of this excess energy remains in the body after you stop exercising, and you feel more energized and healthier.

There are also special energy practices , during which you give your body a command to draw in additional amount of energy from the air, the Cosmos, the surrounding space, and so on. Or you begin to mentally control energy flows in your body, and thereby increase your energy.

These are the main sources, although there are many others that are less significant.

Unfortunately, most people make very poor use of the opportunities they have, because they have created such a lifestyle for themselves when there is very little time left to maintain energy and health. Or it doesn’t stay at all.

How do we lose our energy

Where the vital forces come from in us, you imagine. In childhood, most children have many of these powers. But then these forces diminish.

Why is this happening?

First of all, this is our upbringing, that is, programming our behavior . Children do not have an innate fear and often risk their lives. This scares the parents, and they begin to explain to the child that “this is not allowed,” “this is prohibited,” “you will be punished for this,” and so on. As a result, the child has to give himself the command to reduce his cognition and energy, to become more obedient and more predictable in his actions. That is, to limit your activity within the bounds of what is permitted. As a result, the competition for the best places is always won by those who have managed to retain a greater charge of energy and activity.

But that’s not all, of course.

Civilization has also created a sedentary lifestyle for many , when we do not perform the number of movements necessary for the body, do not give it various loads. We sit all day at work, sit in the car and sit at home in front of the TV. As a result, various bodily distortions (diseases) are created in the body, which disrupt the normal flow of energy through the body.

Plus, the power supply system imposed on us by modern technology. Most of any grocery store is packed with shelf-stable goods in bags, bundles and bottles. We eat all this and load in ourselves the calories we do not need. And excess kilograms again require additional nutrition and additional consumption of vitality for their existence.

Plus, our survival instinct protects our beliefs all the time, engaging in emotional battles with their violators. Each negative experience leaves its mark in the human body in the form of an “emotional block” – one or more spasmodic fibers in the muscles of your body. These micro spasms, accumulating in large numbers, paralyze the work of internal organs, that is, they create diseases. And they create obstacles for the flow of vital forces through the body. When a person makes emotional cleansing, his energy increases significantly.

These are the main sources of loss of vitality. But there are others.

For example, the process of empathy is the process of transferring your vitality to someone you sympathize with. It is customary to sympathize with loved ones who are sick or suffering from some kind of misfortune. But you can afford to be a “crying vest” for everyone if you are very healthy and energetic.

We also send our life forces to those we think about , regardless of the content of our thoughts. It is not for nothing that grandmothers at the entrances sometimes provoke you to an emotional reaction towards them – thereby you give them part of your vitality.

And what about politicians, artists and other public figures? They attract your attention in every possible way and thereby receive the message of vitality from you.


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