How can we strengthen our immunity?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — They say that as a measure against the new coronavirus, immunity must be strengthened. “The power of immunity” – we hear this phrase very often, but the scientific community does not recognize this concept. Its definition is also ambiguous.

It seems that you should not hope for a significant effect from a certain diet. We are talking about the use of special products in the hope that with their help the immunity against the new coronavirus will be strengthened.

The administration of Prime Minister Abe did not explain what the power of immunity is.

On the website of the Prime Minister’s administration, in the section “In order not to become infected with a new coronavirus” in the section “Measures against a new coronavirus”, “obligatory hand washing” is followed by “regular health care”. It also says: “Watch for adequate sleep and balanced nutrition, which strengthens the immune system.”

It is written “… strengthens the immune system”, but what immunity means is not explained.

If we consider other government materials, then the documents of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, published before the pandemic, said the following:

“The strength of immunity is a natural healing ability that is initially present in the human body. This force recognizes foreign bodies and eliminates them. ”

It is often said that immunity is a structure inherent in the body that determines and eliminates foreign substances. That is, the ministry simply added the word “power” to the word “immunity” and left the definition in this form.

The Japan Foundation for Aging and Health gives the following definition: “the power of immunity is the power that frees you from disease.” In this case, the meaning of the word immunitas – liberation – is also simply explained and the word “strength” is added.

The strength of immunity – this expression is usually not used in scientific circles. Professor of the Tokyo University of Science Masato Kubo, head of the committee for scientific communications of the Japan Society of Immunology, also gives the following comment: “The expression” strength of immunity “is very vague. There is no digital indicator.”

Natural immunity primarily works against covid -19

The essence of the strength of immunity is not clear, but there is no doubt that immunity in the human body responds to a new coronavirus. It is known that there are two structures of immunity. It is assumed that they act against a new virus.

First of all, from birth, a person has acquired immunity, which attacks the virus after it enters the body. In the structure of natural immunity, white blood cells and somatic cells form a protein called interferon, which inhibits the reproduction of the virus.

If he does not cope, against the background of the development of a viral disease, the acquired immunity begins to work. In the structure of acquired immunity, the virus is attacked mainly by beta cells and T cells.

It is not yet known exactly in what proportion the natural and acquired immunity against the new coronavirus acts. However, natural immunity usually responds to the first wave of the virus. In turn, the acquired immunity is effective against the second and subsequent waves.

If we talk about covid-19, then in his case, the reaction of natural immunity is important.

The Curry Efficiency Myth Doesn’t Cause Confidence

Is there any food that activates the immune system and inhibits the spread of viruses?

There is currently a myth about the effectiveness of Indian curry. “None of the 700 Indians who returned from Wuhan were infected with the new coronavirus,” such information appeared on the Chinese Internet. Perhaps stereotypes such as “We speak Indian, we mean curry” and “Spices increase the strength of immunity” also influenced.

Among a considerable number of scientists and businessmen, it is also widely believed that curcumin, which stains curry in bright yellow, increases the strength of immunity. Some studies also confirm that curcumin inhibits the activity of viruses.

Nevertheless, there are scientific works that refute the medical effect of curcumin. In 2017, the team of the University of Minnesota associate professor Catherine Nelson conducted more than 120 clinical tests of the effects of curcuminoids (polyphenols, the main element of which is curcumin) on various diseases. There has not been a single successful example of an experiment conducted in a reliable manner. A related article was published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. It was concluded that “the use of curcuminoids in terms of biology is impossible.”

In addition to curcumin, curries also have many spices and vegetables: capsicum, caraway seeds, green and yellow vegetables, and potatoes. However, these products are used in large quantities in China, where many people have become infected. It seems that the myth of the effectiveness of Indian curry should not be trusted.

Chinese Vitamin C intake project

There is a medicine called “immuno-nutrition.” The bottom line is the reception by patients who underwent surgery or who underwent intensive care, certain nutrients to enhance immunity. Research in the field of immuno-nutrition to increase the amount of interferon, which is effective against viruses, has been going on for a long time.

In 1976, a team from the Norwegian immunologist Helen Dahl published a paper on the antiviral effect and the production of vitamin C interferon in vitro in the medical journal of Northern Europe. Vitamin C has been reported to increase the level of interferon, which is produced in the fibroblast of human skin and lungs.

In 1999, a team of American therapist Clay Gorton conducted studies with people and published the results in the journal Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, according to which vitamin C relieves colds and flu.

Participants in an experiment with cold symptoms took one gram of vitamin C every hour for six hours. After that, they were given vitamin C three times a day. Compared with those taking antipyretic drugs and medications, the symptoms of colds and flu from this group of study participants were significantly weakened. In addition, in healthy patients, resistance increased significantly. Vitamin C, after being proved to help some people with flu-like symptoms, became a popular vitamin to be taking. This brought in many questions such as “how much liposomal vitamin c to take?“, or quantity regarding to any brand of the vitamin. The sales of supplements including this vitamin continue to rise. There are also alternative medicines like silver, that could be used to boost immunity. Supplements with contents of silver such as argentyn 23 and similar others in the market could be possible options to explore in the domain of alternative medicine.

Moreover, according to a report by a team of scientists from the University of Helsinki published in the Cochrane Review in 2013, 29 comparative tests involving 11,306 people did not reveal a difference in susceptibility to colds, despite the constant intake of vitamin C.

Meanwhile, a small effect was also noted in the form of faster recovery and a decrease in the risk of colds in athletes.

On February 11, a clinic at Wuhan University announced the beginning of clinical tests, according to which vitamin C will be administered by drop by drop to patients with a new coronavirus with severe pneumonia. On March 1, the China Journal of Infectious Diseases, which was organized by the Shanghai Medical Association, published an expert consensus on the complex treatment of coronavirus with vitamin C, which is administered intravenously.

In China, it is recommended to administer vitamin C by the drip method or intravenously. According to some reports, in comparison with a dropper when taking vitamin C, only one part of several dozen gets into the blood vessels inside. The effect of increasing the body’s resistance to the new coronavirus during normal daily nutrition is unknown.

Do not get hung up on certain products

In addition, sales of yoghurt and sour-milk drinks have recently increased. Apparently, people are trying to increase immunity by improving the intestinal microflora. Indeed, 60% of leukocytes and immune cells are found in the intestine; moreover, intestinal bacteria play an important role in maintaining the functioning of immunity in the intestine.

There are studies according to which both natural and acquired immunity were activated in patients taking bifidobacteria compared to those who did not. Meanwhile, the tangible effect of taking twice a day of 50 billion bifidobacteria manifested itself only in the eighth week. This means that such bacteria should be taken continuously.

Cells and elements included in the structure of the immune system are very diverse. This structure is built on a complex network. In addition, the immune system responds not only to viruses, but also to pathogenic bacteria, pollen and cancer cells.

The conclusion is general, but do not get hung up on certain products. It is important to eat balanced. Moreover, general health care will have a positive effect on well-being, and not only in terms of protection against the new coronavirus.


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