How can a spaceship fall around the earth?

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In general, what does it mean to fall around the Earth? Earth gravity pulls objects down to its surface. Gravity also attracts a space station, in our case, the International Space Station. As a result, it constantly falls to the surface of the Earth, but it also moves at a very high orbital speed – approximately 28,000 kilometers per hour.

It moves at a speed that corresponds to how the surface of the Earth bends. If a person throws a tennis ball on Earth, gravity will force his path to bend down to the ground, and he will quickly hit the ground.

The orbiting spacecraft moves at the “right speed”, so that its fall curve coincides with the curvature of the Earth. Because of this, the spaceship continues to fall toward the Earth, but never hits it. As a result, all devices fall around the planet. For the same reason, the moon remains in orbit around the earth. The moon also falls around the earth.


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